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Telewest just went kaput!!!!!!!!!! (on our box anyway)

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MarsLady Wed 29-Dec-04 18:27:30

Anyone else have this happen? Have just called and been told that an engineer will come out to me on Friday. Had knackered kids vegging in front of the Disney channel, not happy. Apparently if more than a dozen people in an area call then the engineers will sort out the problem within a couple of hours. So, has it happened with your service in North London tonight? If so, could you call please. DD2 distraught at lack of Disney and DD1 bored bored bored. Cheers ladies

MarsLady Wed 29-Dec-04 18:57:36

just me then. Fair enough we wait til Friday. Good job West Wing is finished

MarsLady Wed 29-Dec-04 19:13:51

sanity and service restored

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