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KangaSantaMummy Tue 28-Dec-04 22:45:20


KangaSantaMummy Tue 28-Dec-04 22:46:23


DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Tue 28-Dec-04 22:46:33

she's not online. Does she like him then?

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Tue 28-Dec-04 22:46:48


KangaSantaMummy Tue 28-Dec-04 22:50:26

I think it is bunglie actually but she isn't around either

WigWamBam Tue 28-Dec-04 22:51:23

Don't worry, Bunglie will be watching ... she has this radar that never lets her miss PS whenever he's on t'box!

coppertop Tue 28-Dec-04 22:53:11

What's the programme? If it's Star Trek:TNG Bunglie will no doubt be drooling at the revealing lycra outfits modelled by JLP.

KangaSantaMummy Tue 28-Dec-04 22:54:41

sorry WSK for saying it was you

KangaSantaMummy Tue 28-Dec-04 22:55:14

frank skinner chat show thingy

anorak Wed 29-Dec-04 00:35:31

well she isn't here... so draw your own conclusions...

wobblystarryknicks Wed 29-Dec-04 09:05:03

KSM!!!!!!!!!!! You do realise I'll never live this down now!!! ARGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Bunglie who likes the bald one - how could you forget that Hugh Jackman is the love of my life (to be substituted with Sean Bean or Will Smith if necessary) - I talk about him often enough!!!!

I'll have to sack you from my minion chain gang if you slip up like this again!!!

KangaSantaMummy Wed 29-Dec-04 10:45:22

WSK I am sooooooooooooooo sorry

please forgive me

I won't do it again please don't sack me.

My only defence is that I had to write it so quickley.

KangaSantaMummy Wed 29-Dec-04 10:47:03

I did correct it less than 1 minute later after the post

coppertop Wed 29-Dec-04 10:51:09

So you really didn't want Patrick Stewart to baldly go where no man has gone before, WK?

wobblystarryknicks Wed 29-Dec-04 21:21:54

KSM - fair enough, I'll let you off At least I know you'll be quick off the mark if you ever see HJ on or anything!!!

ct - that's not even funny!!

coppertop Wed 29-Dec-04 21:30:32

Padders will be so hurt!

wobblystarryknicks Wed 29-Dec-04 21:31:17

I'm sure Bunglie will console him well enough.

KangaSantaMummy Thu 30-Dec-04 17:37:42

bunglie did you see him??????

coppertop Thu 30-Dec-04 18:44:32

I'm surprised Bunglie let him out of his cage long enough to go on television. Was it a repeat or did Padders manage to escape Bunglie's clutches?

KangaSantaMummy Fri 31-Dec-04 10:35:30

CT it was NOT a repeat the first time it was on then it was repeated on ITV2

I found that hard to believe too.

coppertop Fri 31-Dec-04 10:39:16

LOL! I just love the way everytime someone posts on this thread it lingers in Active Conversations for ages because there aren't many MN'ers around. Poor WK!

KangaSantaMummy Fri 31-Dec-04 10:47:20

I knew it was one of the other insaniacs but just after I had posted relised it was bunglie!!!!

WigWamBam Fri 31-Dec-04 10:52:05

Poor old WK will never live this down .

Particularly if we keep on bumping it up ... <evil cackle>

coppertop Fri 31-Dec-04 10:58:45

But surely no-on would be cruel enough to keep bumping this thread up?


coppertop Fri 31-Dec-04 10:59:41

Or even no-one.

Ooops! Bumped it again!

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