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celebrity big brother starts channel 4 next thursday 6th Jan @9pm

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KangaSantaMummy Tue 28-Dec-04 17:06:52

No idea who is on it though

little brother is on at 11.05pm

emmatmg Tue 28-Dec-04 17:14:43

Nancy De-lalio (Sven's bird), Bidgette Nelson (weird ex of arnie I think) and Carol Caplin(cherrie blaire's ex sidekick) so say my DH.

Not sure who else though.

I was about to say I doubt I'll watch it anyway but of course however bad it is I'll be glued to the tele every night.

Gobbledigoose Tue 28-Dec-04 17:17:07

And they constitute celebrities nowadays do they?!

KangaSantaMummy Tue 28-Dec-04 17:21:43

WOW they will be exciting

i don't read papers but I am sure they are dregs from the bottom aren't they

they have not even done something as themselves at least in the past they have been something like anne diamond or les dennis ok not top people but at least they are known for themselves rather than who they have been to bed with IYSWIM

WigWamBam Wed 29-Dec-04 18:08:24

Apparently Nancy and Carole Caplin have turned it down, but Brigitte Nielsen, Frank McAvennie (an ex-footballer), Lee Chapman (Leslie Ash's husband), John McCririck (very strange horse racing pundit) and (wait for it ...) David Icke are going to be doing it.

David Icke is an <ahem> interesting choice ...

PaRumPumPumScum Wed 29-Dec-04 18:20:36

DAVID ICKE? My partner will be delighted. He finds the man Icke hilarious.

WigWamBam Wed 29-Dec-04 18:23:48

He could make for really interesting viewing .

MarsLady Wed 29-Dec-04 18:32:48

the only reason it fills me with joy is that fact that the gorgeous Dermot will be on BBLB. Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!

WhizzzYouAMerryXmas Wed 29-Dec-04 18:35:04

Why do they seem to 'select' the strangest people for shows like this. I like BB but won't be watching this one! Maybe we should generate our own MN list of strange people !

emmatmg Wed 29-Dec-04 18:55:13

WWB, I did wonder if nancy would actually be in it. Can you imagine her in there? I mean she hardly comes across as low maintanence, does she? Slobbing around on there for all the nation to see, I doubt she'd have all her frocks

had heard about lizard man Icke as well. Oh what fun!!!!

WigWamBam Wed 29-Dec-04 18:56:29

Apparently Holly Valance turned down 100k to do it ... I wonder why? [puzzled emoticon]

buffettheturkeylayer2 Wed 29-Dec-04 18:59:48

Don't think it can be Brigitte Nielson as she is apparently holed up in a Hollywood version of this on vh1

WigWamBam Wed 29-Dec-04 19:04:31

That's not live though, is it? I could be wrong, but I thought that was shown in the States last year.

tillykins Wed 29-Dec-04 19:08:40

We need a mumsnet celebrity big brother, for a start, I nominate Wigwambam - to give her a break from her MIL and because she can take her elastic in with her; its bound to come in useful for one of the tasks
Now we need another 11...?

WhizzzYouAMerryXmas Wed 29-Dec-04 19:13:38

Don't we need someone to flounce off over the wall dramtically ! No .... I won't ask for names, it might get too controversial!

tillykins Wed 29-Dec-04 19:18:06

Again, I nominate Wigwambam, she can catapult herself over the wall with her 34metres of elastic, when it all gets too much

She is going to be sooooo cross with me when she sees this
Don't tell her...

WhizzzYouAMerryXmas Wed 29-Dec-04 19:20:47

PMSL that elastic thread (!) was so funny !

WigWamBam Wed 29-Dec-04 19:30:31

Do I get the feeling someone somewhere is being rather rude about me and my elastic?

At this rate I'll be in there all on my lonesome with nothing but elastic for company!

Can I nominate Wobblyknicks to join me? At least she'll help keep me sane!

(Although on second thoughts ...

WigWamBam Wed 29-Dec-04 19:31:25

(Or insane, whatever the case may be )

KangaSantaMummy Wed 29-Dec-04 19:34:33

it is the 24 hour cameras that i wouldn't like

WigWamBam Wed 29-Dec-04 19:36:01

Oh, I don't know ... it could bring out the exhibitionist in you

JudgeFlounce Wed 29-Dec-04 19:36:33

Message deleted

WigWamBam Wed 29-Dec-04 19:38:32

Come and join us in our MN version, JF - you could be the token flouncer who tries to get over the wall at regular intervals! Far more exciting than Mr Icke and his lizards

KangaSantaMummy Wed 29-Dec-04 19:40:08

JudgeFlounce Wed 29-Dec-04 19:42:48

Message deleted

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