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ER starts again on January 6th!

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Yorkiegirl Fri 24-Dec-04 11:50:33

Message withdrawn

merrykittymas Fri 24-Dec-04 11:52:40

yey Thursday night my TV night again

Gwenick Fri 24-Dec-04 11:53:30

FANTASTIC!! I love ER - what time is it on???

Yorkiegirl Fri 24-Dec-04 11:54:53

Message withdrawn

Enideepmidwinter Fri 24-Dec-04 11:56:01

oh. my. god.

thats the news I have been waiting to hear.


Gwenick Fri 24-Dec-04 11:56:31

E4!! Are they not showing it on C4 - or are they doing what they did last season - showing it 1 week early on e4 - meaning those of use that don't have e4 have to avoid all posts about it so we don't read the spoilers LOL

Yorkiegirl Fri 24-Dec-04 11:57:23

Message withdrawn

SnowmAngeliz Fri 24-Dec-04 11:57:24

Oh you've just made my day+

Yorkiegirl Fri 24-Dec-04 11:58:02

Message withdrawn

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