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Bloody hell, Eastenders was actually good tonight....

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brusselbeansprouts Thu 23-Dec-04 22:12:34, that's it!

nailpolish Thu 23-Dec-04 22:13:41

tell me what happened please i dont get to watch it cos dd watches max and ruby then.........

OnZephyrstdayofXmas Thu 23-Dec-04 22:13:46

was really good!! been getting a bit crap lately but that was good - as was shane richie in the party afterwards

lilsmum Thu 23-Dec-04 22:14:19

yeah it was, im gutted paul trueman is gone tho he is a great actor and pretty dishy too!!! i thought it was so funny when andy said to sam u look ugly when u cry!!! pmsl

brusselbeansprouts Thu 23-Dec-04 22:19:09

Nailpolish - Marcus ripped off Sam by sending her to "meet Phil" with a suitcase of paper, instead of the money she thought was in there. Phil was never going to be there as Marcus had done the dirty and made it all up. Sam returned to the square and told Andy what had happened. He told her she "looks ugly when she cries" and that he didn't want to be married to her anymore. He then explained that the house is his, not theirs, and kicked her out! Finished off by helping himself to a nice slice of cake while she banged on the front door, screaming...!

Starofbethlibbhem Thu 23-Dec-04 22:23:48

and don't forget that Den was using Marcus for the dirty work - it was his idea all along and although Marcus felt a little bad it didn't stop him lining his own nest . . .

Socci Tue 28-Dec-04 17:53:49

Message withdrawn

ItllBeLonelymumThisChristmas Tue 28-Dec-04 18:19:12

I am sure Phil is coming back, but I would love it if Grant could too. The two of them could soon rearrange Andy Hunter's features!

Socci Tue 28-Dec-04 20:17:54

Message withdrawn

nailpolish Tue 28-Dec-04 20:19:38

ta beansprout! i really should try and remember to watch the later version at 10pm

NoMoomAtTheInn Tue 28-Dec-04 20:22:06

Totally agree, Socci - I used to be an EE fan but it is awful now. The writing is appalling - god knows how the actors manage to come out with some of the lines and keep a straight face at the same time. The Zoe/Den storyline is excruciating. I have pretty much given up on it now - Corrie is far, far superior!

brusselbeansprouts Tue 28-Dec-04 21:56:38

Agree that it is annoying that no relationship is allowed to last longer than 5 minutes. Would be refreshing to see characters stick with each other rather than go off in cabs.

And how come they use mobile phones constantly when they are all in the same square but eg Alfie couldn't possibly ring Kat, or Dennis ring Sharon etc etc? Dennis will inevitably find out that a baby Denlet is not on the way, but will he ring the love of his life? Of course not....

btw Nailpolish, the title of this thread refers to last week - tonight was back to being pants...!

nailpolish Tue 28-Dec-04 21:57:57

oops! im just about to watch the 10pm one so dont tell me

ItllBeLonelymumThisChristmas Thu 30-Dec-04 17:21:08

Ooh I missed most of it over Christmas so are you telling me BBS that Zoe isn't pregnant at all?

tallulah Thu 30-Dec-04 21:16:48

No, it's a plot cooked up between Den & Zoe to keep Dennis away from Sharon...

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