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anyone remember the tv drama with Trevor Eve and Beryl Bainbridge's daughter...

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MaryAnnSingleton Tue 11-Mar-08 18:43:46

which was on ages and ages ago ? - it's troubling me !

MsPontipine Tue 11-Mar-08 18:46:35

Who's Beryl Bainbridge??!
Do you mean A Sense of Guilt where he got the young girl, his best friend's daughter (Penny from Grange Hill) pregnant? I loved that series.

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 11-Mar-08 18:48:39

oh,yes Penny from Grange Hill - that was it ! She is Beryl Bainbridge the novelist's daughter

Vulgar Tue 11-Mar-08 18:48:59

I remmebr A sense of guilt.

It was crap but compelling! Me and Dh used to stay up really late to watch it.

the young girl with red hair.had a really annoying voice. Is she Beryl Bainbridge's daughter?

Vulgar Tue 11-Mar-08 18:49:25

Sorry x posts

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 11-Mar-08 18:49:35


bagsforlife Wed 12-Mar-08 08:57:01

It was from a novel called A Sense of Guilt by Andrea Newman, who also wrote a Bouquet of Barbed Wire!!! Girl was Beryl Bainbridges daughter, red hair and called Rudi something I think. Bought the book second hand last year and re-read it.Is compelling crap, not THAT badly written in hindsight compared to stuff published today. Spent hours with friends on holiday all trying to remember other people in it...had to keep looking it up on Google to find the others, can't remember them now...Morag someone??

Buda Wed 12-Mar-08 08:58:01

Oh I remember that - loved it! And read the book too.

turquoise Wed 12-Mar-08 09:07:31

Anyone old enough to rmember Bouquet of Barbed Wire? Frank Finlay (swoon) an early teenage crush for me.

The bint in it (Susan Penhaligon?) was a truly terrible actress though.

marina Wed 12-Mar-08 09:21:13

Oh that is bizarre, I was just wondering last night what Rudi Davis does these days, and here's a thread about her!
My parents let me watch I Claudius turq...but NOT A Bouquet of Barbed Wire hmm So, resourcefully, I got the tie-in paperback with my birthday book tokens instead

marina Wed 12-Mar-08 09:21:39

Morag Hood, maybe

2sugars Wed 12-Mar-08 09:23:48

Whatever happened to Susan Penhaligon? She was fab in Tales of the Unexpected, where she killed her H with a frozen leg of lamb and then served it to the officer investigating the case.

Might add I was in my early teens when I watched that!

marina Wed 12-Mar-08 09:25:04

Ha ha 2sugars EVERY time we have a leg of lamb I think of that episode, it was a cracker!

FloraPosteschild Wed 12-Mar-08 09:25:57

Rudi Davies. I fancied her a bit blush

Trevor Eve was the git bloke.

turquoise Wed 12-Mar-08 09:29:41

grin Oh yes, and I think of the Timothy someone who played Edward VII & is married to Prunella Scales (sorry - sieve brain) one whenever I eat honey!
Theme tune playing in my head now.

MrsJohnCusack Wed 12-Mar-08 09:35:32

oh I loved that series
so intense and north london-y and crap but compelling and a bit risque for sheltered teenagers like me

timothy west

turquoise Wed 12-Mar-08 09:42:08

West! That's the one.

It's so depressing that I can remember plots of 70s soap operas, who played hwo in what (even remember that the woman who was Princess Alexandra in Edward VII, now I'm thinking about it, was the other mistress in Bouquet of Barbed Wire), can remember all Bowie's lyrics from Space Oddity to Let's Dance, etc - but can never remember what day the children need their violins or football boots, or whether it's recycling or bin day, or anybody's name. Or anything useful or relevant, tbh.

bagsforlife Wed 12-Mar-08 09:45:23

2sugars: the frozen leg of lamb murder followed by eating it has gone down in our family as The Perfect Murder should anyone require help. We are always mentioning it when DH/DCs are being annoying! Had forgotten it was Susan Penhaligon...brilliant.

2sugars Wed 12-Mar-08 09:46:13

turquoise, I may print out that post.

To keep me sane grin It has made me Laugh Out Loud. Big time.

brimfull Wed 12-Mar-08 09:47:02

I loved A Sense of Guilt
HOw long ago was that on tv?

sunflowervalley Wed 12-Mar-08 10:23:24

OhI loved Bouquet of barbed wire.

I used to fancy Pru's(Susan Penhaligon's) husband Gavin in that.

Re -runs of Tales of the unexpected are on sky saturday night I think.

BearMama Wed 12-Mar-08 16:50:14

I went thru a phase of Andrea Newman's novels - they are terribly intense and middle class, but compelling yes!

MyEye Wed 12-Mar-08 16:52:28

I was only thinking about this series yesterday!

MyEye Wed 12-Mar-08 16:55:30

it was broadcast in 1990

lovely Lisa Harrow, where is she now?

turquoise Wed 12-Mar-08 17:41:09

Blimey - I'd have said 1984 at the very latest!

Trevor Eve is so very much more attractive now though, weirdly. A regular fixture on the 'Old gimmers you would' threads.

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