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What programmes shall I record for suzywong?

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spacedonkey Thu 16-Dec-04 14:31:24

On my list so far:

sex inspectors
most haunted (highlights of)
little britain

i have also recorded last night's faking it

What programmes would you miss if you had emigrated to australia?

spacedonkey Thu 16-Dec-04 14:32:51

I'm going to try and record the Cillit Bang advert for her too

FimboCLAUS Thu 16-Dec-04 14:33:39

LOL-Cillit Bang it seems to have gone awol.

NomDePlumPudding Thu 16-Dec-04 14:33:50

ROFL re Cillit Bang ad

spacedonkey Thu 16-Dec-04 14:36:24

i think she might like a choice episode of trisha

TumbleflumpDancingBum Thu 16-Dec-04 14:39:11

What about Max & Paddy?

5goldendillydallys Thu 16-Dec-04 14:39:23

The Paul O'grady show?
The whole of children in need?
I might like an episode of spooks cos there are some mighty fine men in that

spacedonkey Thu 16-Dec-04 14:43:35

children in need? ye jest, surely!

spacedonkey Thu 16-Dec-04 14:43:55

I will certainly record Medium-Sized Cook and Bugger All though

NomDePlumPudding Thu 16-Dec-04 14:44:04

cazzybabs Thu 16-Dec-04 14:45:42

5goldendillydallys - aggree spooks for the men (althpough it has finished)...ummm ADAM.

codswallop Thu 16-Dec-04 14:52:23

why does she need english tv?

DingWongMerrilyOnHigh Thu 16-Dec-04 14:54:53

because she just doooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss

Indulge me Coddy, indulge me

codswallop Thu 16-Dec-04 14:55:07

no need to know

bakedpotatohoho Thu 16-Dec-04 14:58:58

i haven't watched telly for about a fortnight now. we try, we pore over the telly pages, but really there is NOTHING on on ANY channel. i'm a total tellyhead, with no quality filter to speak of, so i think things must be really really bad.

DingWongMerrilyOnHigh Thu 16-Dec-04 14:59:15

Ok then

Although I am busy and doing things and enriching my mind of an evening, I have f ound that CSI/Miami Squad/Legal Forensic shows back to back on all channels intersperesed with various american reality shows and Richie Benaud's Greatest Eleven is just not cutting the mustard. I want to laugh like a drain, be a prurient voyeur and recoil and the Trisha guests and most of all ....... because I'm English, goddamnit!

spacedonkey Thu 16-Dec-04 14:59:42

i don't watch much either

strictly come dancing was the only thing i really made an effort to watch of late

spacedonkey Thu 16-Dec-04 15:00:32

so i was right about the inclusion of trisha on my list

it makes me feel soiled but i love it

codswallop Thu 16-Dec-04 15:01:15

hehehe smug grin a s she sits in misty crap weather

nailpolish Thu 16-Dec-04 15:01:16

chat show - my fave

jonathon ross

that new keith barratt one is funny

this morning?

richard and judy?

spacedonkey Thu 16-Dec-04 15:03:27

this morning makes me want to die

i do like j ross though, would you like j ross on your tape madame?

nailpolish Thu 16-Dec-04 15:03:57

max and paddy

peep show

spacedonkey Thu 16-Dec-04 15:04:49

not seen either of those np

are they suitable for a jack dee fan do you think

nailpolish Thu 16-Dec-04 15:05:04


nailpolish Thu 16-Dec-04 15:05:46

when i move to oz will you send me stuff too?

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