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MaryChristmas Mon 13-Dec-04 13:36:05

Annoying - YAKult or Actimel with Bifidus digestivus stufficuss initcus.

Funny - James Nesbitt and Nieces haircut from hell.

Stupid - JML.

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spacedonkey Mon 13-Dec-04 13:36:49

Funny - the Virgin ones with Missy Elliott

Weird - Cillit Bang

FimboCLAUS Mon 13-Dec-04 13:42:03

Two "sisters" advertising Charmin toilet roll.
Boots & Harry Hill
Dfs-Linda Barker
Currys-Linda Barker
In fact anything to do with Linda Barker

Weird/Stupid/Annoying/Whats the Point and It does not work award;-
I posted about this last week and someone thought it was a sex toy!!

spacedonkey Mon 13-Dec-04 13:42:38

ooh i like the harry hill ones

but i like harry hill in anything

DingWongMerrilyOnHigh Mon 13-Dec-04 13:45:02

what the blinking flip is a Cillit Bang?

MaryChristmas Mon 13-Dec-04 13:46:07

cilit bang as a sex toy?

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MaryChristmas Mon 13-Dec-04 13:47:09

It's pink and quite tall and I think and it's not very effective. A bit of a let down by all accounts.

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spacedonkey Mon 13-Dec-04 13:47:30

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Cillit Bang But Were Afraid To Ask

TumbleflumpDancingBum Mon 13-Dec-04 13:48:25

Love Love Love the C4 advert for cars How do you make a car dance? Hire hit making superstar Justin Timberlake’s choreographer, Marty Kudelka,

see what I mean?

FimboCLAUS Mon 13-Dec-04 13:49:15

Please not another one who hasn't seen the cheesy advert. Its advertised by "Barry Scott" as he tells us, who the hell he is meant to be is anyone's guess. Its a lime-scale cleaner (supposedly). It sprays out bright pink foam and stinks. Look out for it next time you go shopping. The spray part is pink, body of bottle is purple and label is orange oh and it costs £2.99 better off with Asda's 97p one.

serenity Mon 13-Dec-04 13:49:54

very annoying - Gamestation adverts that make out mums are stupid

James Nesbit ones are excellent, even though I find myself singing that 'life is great, life is good, I've got a girlfriend and none likes you ' bit all the time........

lockets Mon 13-Dec-04 13:50:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

spacedonkey Mon 13-Dec-04 13:50:32

lol @ Nesbit quote serenity

FimboCLAUS Mon 13-Dec-04 13:50:40

MaryChristmas-think most people misread first word for Clit!! LOL

5goldendillydallys Mon 13-Dec-04 13:51:04

They don't have adverts on BBC4 I am afraid

lockets Mon 13-Dec-04 13:51:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TumbleflumpDancingBum Mon 13-Dec-04 13:52:59

lockets yeah...

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