Little Brittain ...... ( for kids ???? )

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Crystaltips Fri 10-Dec-04 21:53:21

My kids ( aged 9 and 11 ) have mates who watch "Little Brittain"

I have just watched some of it ( with tham ) and I have felt that it's unsuitable ....

Comments please ???

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Hulababy Fri 10-Dec-04 21:54:52

DH is watching it now, and have to say that I don't think it is suitable for children. Guess that's why it is on after the watershed anyway.

virginMary Fri 10-Dec-04 21:55:31

i dont think its suitable but im sure your children will learn the phrases used by characters from friends at school! must admit dh and i say the 'yeah but no but ' phrase all the time to dd and shes only 3!

GoodKingWestCountryLass Fri 10-Dec-04 21:55:54

Its not something i'd be wanting my kids at that age to watch, put it that way.

I personally think it is hilarious but you have to understand the comedy and I don't think kids of that age would.

Gobbledigoose Fri 10-Dec-04 21:56:06

Wouldn't let mine watch at this age.

TumbleflumpDancingBum Fri 10-Dec-04 21:57:40

They should be watching Max & Paddy

albosmum Fri 10-Dec-04 22:00:58

One of de1 9 year old friends watches it - I won't let ds1 watch it - can't see he would enjoy it anyway


Crystaltips Fri 10-Dec-04 22:03:43

THANK_YOU .... DD was kicking up a fuss and I said that I'd asked you lot ... and I would show her the asnwers ... ALL said that it was not suitable !!!

She's gone to bed !

Just off to watch the end!!

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wobblystarryknicks Fri 10-Dec-04 22:03:57

I think its totally unsuitable because IMO you have to understand the satire behind it, otherwise it gives off a bad message.

80sMum Fri 10-Dec-04 22:06:46

Is it just me? I've sat through two of these now and haven't found them funny at all; just a bit revolting. Can't see what all the fuss is about.

Hulababy Fri 10-Dec-04 22:08:44

80smum - I don't find it particularly amusing either. Dh loves it though.

The girl in it - Vicky??? - just reminds me so much of the teenage girls I teach. Since watching this programme I can hear them talking in the exact same way she does... all the time!

Crystaltips Fri 10-Dec-04 22:09:34

That's MY problem .... I knew that it'd never appeal to my sense of humour ... that's why I didn't watch it ....

then the kids said that their mates watched it ... so I took an interest ....

G0D it's cr@p

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sleepdeprived Fri 10-Dec-04 22:45:32

Just saw it. Kids? *No way!*

JoolsTide Fri 10-Dec-04 23:09:25

definitely not!

whitepixmas Sat 11-Dec-04 02:17:05

I wouldn't let my dd watch it the first time it is shown as there is too much that is unsuitable. She accepts my explanation that it is "too rude". But I do tape it and let her watch the "safe" bits as she loves the hypnotist, Lou and Andy and Dennis Waterman. (she doesn't know who he is but likes the giant props).

gscrym Sat 11-Dec-04 09:03:00

I watched the first series and loved it but don't like the 2nd one. I really don't like the 'bitty' breast feeding sketches. I think they're a bit creepy.

Max and Paddy any day. Heard the theme song last night and was in kinks at it.

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