Julian to win Strictly Come Dancing!

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spacedonkey Fri 10-Dec-04 15:48:38

He's a gem, I'll be voting for him even if he falls over.

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MariNativityPlay Fri 10-Dec-04 15:49:48

Which he will. He's as talentless in this respect as a....dancing ass!
Love him normally, thought all gay men were complete foxes on the dancefloor.

DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Fri 10-Dec-04 15:49:58

me too SD, me and my sis think your sis is just like him, she knows, we told her years ago and she was flattered.

spacedonkey Fri 10-Dec-04 15:51:21


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DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Fri 10-Dec-04 15:51:52

good , they're both lovely!

MissYulie Fri 10-Dec-04 15:52:12

I want Jill to win just cause I know someone who knows her.

JoolsTide Fri 10-Dec-04 15:52:54

well I love him - but this is a dancing competition so he doesn't really deserve to win - I'm hoping Jill wins - Denise is good but I think she and her partner Ian are both a bit conceited!


spacedonkey Fri 10-Dec-04 15:53:11

Jill is certainly the best dancer, but Julian is just, just ... so adorable

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spacedonkey Fri 10-Dec-04 15:53:56

imo Denise lacks grace. It's like watching Arnold Schwarzenegger dance.

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JoolsTide Fri 10-Dec-04 15:54:40


DelGirlsRingAreYouListening Fri 10-Dec-04 15:56:41

I shall be sneaking in a vote for Jill as well but I reckon he'll get the vote for charm. Saw Julian on stage about 3 times in the late 80's with Fanny, he hasn't changed at all, except less make up.

spacedonkey Fri 10-Dec-04 16:05:13

Bless him, he's a treasure.

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gscrym Fri 10-Dec-04 16:10:55

Wish I was in Liverpool as he's playing Leigh Bowerey in the wonderful Taboo.

MariNativityPlay Fri 10-Dec-04 16:15:15

OMG, in a fat suit, surely gscrym?

popsycal Fri 10-Dec-04 19:40:31


Tinker Sat 11-Dec-04 16:09:03

Want Jill to win. She's the one who genuinely make me think "Cor, really wish I could dance like that". Denise is a bit frosty for me. Much as I like JC, he can't win!

WigWamBam Sun 12-Dec-04 11:44:44

But apparently Jill trained as a dancer - the others didn't. Something not fair about that IMHO

popsycal Sun 12-Dec-04 11:49:34

SHe has never done ballroom and latin in her life

spacedonkey Sun 12-Dec-04 11:50:50

It was the right result (I did vote twice for Julian though). Jill is class!

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popsycal Sun 12-Dec-04 11:51:34

popsycal Sun 12-Dec-04 11:52:25

Put it this way - I have had as much dance training as Jill (AND I have done ballroom and latin before whereas she hasnt) and I can't dance like that.

cupcakes Sun 12-Dec-04 11:58:46

I don't think that her level of previous experience put her at any unfair advantage. It was a very unequal playing field to begin with - how could Quentin Wilson ever begin to match up with Olympic atheletes?
I voted for her and Julian - because he had shown such improvement. I wanted her to win though because her quick step made me cry it was so good (I was premenstrual though!)

WigWamBam Sun 12-Dec-04 12:00:09

OK, OK - I did say it was just my opinion. I still think that putting a trained dancer into a dancing competition against people with no dance training whatsoever is a bit unfair.

Just an opinion, please don't jump down my throat

popsycal Sun 12-Dec-04 12:00:33

Oh WWB - i wasn't honey! Just saying....

cupcakes Sun 12-Dec-04 12:01:03

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