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Sex Inspectors

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spacedonkey Wed 08-Dec-04 16:09:27

I can't believe there isn't already a thread about this one, but I can't find it ...

Did anyone watch this last night? I just can't imagine ever letting Tracy Cox and The Gay Bloke Whose Name I Can't Remember analysing my sex life and then showing it to all and sundry on the telly.

And was I dreaming or did The Gay Bloke really stand in the middle of a public park demonstrating pelvic floor exercises by hanging a towel over his erection?

spacedonkey Wed 08-Dec-04 16:10:46

Apologies for appalling grammar btw.

OnZephyrstdayofXmas Wed 08-Dec-04 16:11:39

oh no i missed it!!! I made dp sit and watch it last week - he told me i was a pervert and pretended to go to sleep but i saw him smiling lol

spacedonkey Wed 08-Dec-04 16:15:22

Well the couple on this week were (in Tracy Cox's words) "over-stimulated". Their bedroom looked like a sex shop (ponytail butt plugs and everything else you could possibly think of). And yet the woman said she hadn't had an orgasm for six months! The gurus banned them from using toys and made them practice the missionary position and it improved their relationship greatly.

dogwalkinginawinterwonderland Wed 08-Dec-04 16:32:43

Spacedonkey - I really need to know when this is on!

OnZephyrstdayofXmas Wed 08-Dec-04 16:34:24

lol the other extreme from last week then!!

spacedonkey Wed 08-Dec-04 16:35:49

it's on C4 Tuesday 11pm

I rather like tracy cox from her Would Like to Meet days

nailpolish Wed 08-Dec-04 16:36:36

did you see her last night on that rob brydon show? that was funny

spacedonkey Wed 08-Dec-04 16:37:14

damn I missed that

KangaSantaMummy Tue 14-Dec-04 23:33:30

channel 4 now !!!!

spacedonkey Wed 15-Dec-04 00:41:32

I missed it!

biglips Wed 15-Dec-04 01:45:48

its ssssssoooooooooo me that was on tonite (tues) as ive only had my baba 9 wks ago and im tired and so is my fiance, as baba is in our bedroom until 6 months old but when fiance make a move on me, all i think of is baba, baba, baba

DingWongMerrilyOnHigh Wed 15-Dec-04 08:31:42

can you put the highlights on my complitation tape please spacedonkey????

SantaQuated Thu 16-Dec-04 14:22:33

just watched this as i ironed...anyone else see it?

spacedonkey Thu 16-Dec-04 14:23:11

is it repeated in the daytime then SQ?

yes of course madame wong

Tinker Thu 16-Dec-04 14:24:15

Was so excited about remembering this was on. Then fell asleep during it!

SantaQuated Thu 16-Dec-04 14:25:34

no i recorded it but dh said he's rather watch the news so thought i'd keep myself entertained whilst ironing.

spacedonkey Thu 16-Dec-04 14:28:06

it obviously wasn't a good un then tinker!

i'll record next week's one for suzywong

Tinker Thu 16-Dec-04 14:29:18

Flat sex life after a baby. Him not interested, her a bit more interested. Me got bored

NomDePlumPudding Thu 16-Dec-04 14:29:24

I thought it was really funny. I didn't see it last night but saw the one with the 'cunnilingus masterclass' in Soho which was majorly cringey and the one with the pony tail butt plugs . It made me smirk in a very puerile way and at least it's a change from cbeebies

juniperdropofbrandy Thu 16-Dec-04 14:37:06

Did anyone see the making fire one? I'd never seen that b4 but it does work

spacedonkey Thu 16-Dec-04 14:37:27

missed that one juniper, tell me more ... ?

juniperdropofbrandy Thu 16-Dec-04 14:38:34

Ermmm maybe later, it's a bit too early to go into details

NomDePlumPudding Thu 16-Dec-04 14:39:48

<makes a mental note to hunt this thread out later>

spacedonkey Thu 16-Dec-04 14:41:34

the mind boggles

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