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Lee Majors on This Morning - did anyone think he was drunk?

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Jbck Fri 08-Feb-08 00:59:04

I switched over and caught a few minutes of this today(well yesterday now) and he was talking about Ben10 movie. I don't know if he maybe just isn't much good without a script but he didn't sound as bad on the film clips as when he was bing interviewed. he was very slurry and quite rambling.

LieselVonTrapp Fri 08-Feb-08 13:36:31

Lee Majors is still ALIVE??? shock

Jbck Fri 08-Feb-08 19:12:37

Barely from his performance yetserday. I couldn't think who he was for a moment & his speech didn't help.

Maidamess Fri 08-Feb-08 19:15:10

I wish I'd seen that. I love it when celebs ramble.

Did you ever hear Sarah Kennedy on radio 2 when she sounded p'd as a fart?

Jbck Fri 08-Feb-08 21:28:02

Not that one but I love Delia at the football. She was really p*ed! grin

Katie121 Tue 21-Jun-11 22:31:41

I watched this interview at the time and thought quite the opposite. I don't know where you get the slurred speech or rambling from but it certainly wasn't him. I remember Fern and Eamon asking pretty infantile questions and not being well briefed, so probably like me, Lee was just bored by them and waiting for the interview to end. Lee was pretty tolerant given the level of questions he had to answer.

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