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Off for my North and South fix......

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JuniperDewdrop Sun 21-Nov-04 21:03:22

Can't wait Oh I know I'm very very sad.

yingers74 Sun 21-Nov-04 21:06:31

me too! am watching it now!

yingers74 Sun 21-Nov-04 21:59:28

oh great stuff, the ending......roll on next episode!

unicorn Sun 21-Nov-04 22:10:16

love it love it ...
That smouldering chappie (richard Armitage????)wsa in Cold Feet.. but is sooooooo much more attractive in this don't ya think??

Clayhead Mon 22-Nov-04 09:04:56

Yes, yes, yes, deeply attractive.

dh came to talk to me and I had to tell him to go away so I could get my fix of smouldering Victorians.

Waswondering Mon 22-Nov-04 13:33:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JuniperDewdrop Mon 22-Nov-04 13:36:29

I watched it in the bedroom so I could drool in peace

I can't remember him in Cold feet, who did he play? and is his northern accent real as if not it's got me fooled.

yingers74 Mon 22-Nov-04 14:29:11

yes am playing with the idea of buying the book myself but don't want to know what happends yet! Will def buy it when it comes out on dvd - how sad am i? It reminds me in so many ways of elizabeth bennett and mr darcy although backdrop and circumstances very different.

And yes he is lovely..........

Unicorn, if only i had read this before this morning, could have had a natter about north and south!!!!!! Is it only monday?

DillyDally Mon 22-Nov-04 14:30:43

I can't wait for next week, what happens? That man is lovely and is giving colin firth a run for his money as period drama tv hunk
Can't remember him at all in cold feet.

unicorn Mon 22-Nov-04 14:32:44

juniper.. he was the lifeguard at the health club.. wasn't a major role, but think the aussie woman (who was with Pete) had an affair/flirted with him.

Not sure about his northern credentials.. but speaking as a northerner, he does a pretty good up t'north impression!

fruitful Mon 22-Nov-04 14:36:44

I've got the book downstairs but its so long since I read it that I can't remember the story; I'm resisting the urge to go and look.

I wondered after last week if it was all going to be grim and depressing and no romance but its shaping up nicely!

JuniperDewdrop Mon 22-Nov-04 14:39:13

thanks for that, was wondering re the cold feet connection. I'm a northerner too and think his accent is quite teesside/durham.

DillyDally Mon 22-Nov-04 14:44:23

Surely more Yorkshire?
I thought t'book was inspired by Manchester?

Waswondering Mon 22-Nov-04 17:10:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SecondhandRose Mon 22-Nov-04 17:27:42

We love it too, the problem is every time someone says Margaret by DH shouts Margaret in a silly voice as he's hooked on Little Britain.

SecondhandRose Mon 22-Nov-04 17:28:00

Sorry that should have said 'my' DH.

Dior Mon 22-Nov-04 19:13:05

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Mon 22-Nov-04 19:17:45

So glad that I'm not the only person enjoying this

Roisin Mon 22-Nov-04 19:29:54

Love it! My only complaint is I keep thinking how I would enjoy it even more if Sean Bean had been cast in it.

MarsLady Mon 22-Nov-04 19:30:47

Sean Bean... Yum!!!!!! [grin}

Dior Mon 22-Nov-04 19:34:15

Message withdrawn

Roisin Mon 22-Nov-04 19:37:19

I'm so pleased I'm not the only one!

yingers74 Mon 22-Nov-04 20:59:54

love sean bean too but can't see anyone else as mr thorton now! it is the whole colin and darcy thing all over again!

Clayhead Tue 23-Nov-04 08:53:15

yingers, I agree completely. Am very happy with the one we've got

Roisin Tue 23-Nov-04 20:59:57

Oh no, I wouldn't see SB as Mr Thornton - he's too 'rough' ... but he could have been one of the union blokes or something?

Has anyone read the book?

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