Playing Chicken with Sky TV. Nervous and Need Reassurance

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ISpyCobraKai Thu 25-Nov-21 00:19:56

I rejigged mine this week and have the same as you for £43.

AnnieSnap Thu 25-Nov-21 00:13:33

@FrownedUpon when did you cancel?

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FrownedUpon Thu 25-Nov-21 00:12:37

I’m doing the same. They keep ringing me now. They apparently do some really good Black Friday deals, so keep an eye out for those.

AnnieSnap Thu 25-Nov-21 00:08:39

@Agadorsparticus thanks, I just checked it out and it looks like a good option.

@Megan2018 it had to be now because our contract expires on 29 December.

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Megan2018 Wed 24-Nov-21 22:44:28

Just before Christmas is unfortunately not a great time for the best deals, they tend to inflate things a bit in my experience as they have a captive audience at home. They were equally shit at discounting in lockdowns for the same reason.
We have Sky Q with one mini box thing, Netflix, HD, Box sets etc but no movies or sports for just over £50 but inc our phone line and broadband which is worth £20ish on it’s own. But DH is good at playing them. We have never had to actually let it lapse yet.

Agadorsparticus Wed 24-Nov-21 22:36:52

Have you looked at Now TV? They are doing sky sports for £25pm.

AnnieSnap Wed 24-Nov-21 22:33:30

Trembling a bit now!

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Libertaire Wed 24-Nov-21 20:50:08

@AnnieSnap I feel your pain. Sky have got us sports fans by the ⚽️ 🏈 🎾 and they know it. If this winter’s Ashes series was on Sky, there is no way I could have cancelled.

I don’t think they came up with a better deal before I actually cancelled, but I can’t be sure as it was a while ago. I definitely had to prove that I was actually prepared to quit to get a really good deal out of them.

AnnieSnap Wed 24-Nov-21 20:41:56

@Libertaire I’d never get to push it that far. My husband would be tearing his hair out and we both follow LFC adoringly, so we need Sky Sports. Did they offer anything better than the offer at the point of cancellation before your notice period came to an end?

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Libertaire Wed 24-Nov-21 20:33:51

I’ve just cancelled, too, because they tried to increase my bill by £26 per month for the same package, claiming my promotional deals had run out. No, thanks. They have already started sending me ‘it’s not too late to change your mind’ e-mails.

The last time I cancelled they waited until a few weeks after my subscription ended then they started bombarding me with ‘come back to Sky’ letters & e-mails. After a couple of Sky-free months they eventually came up with a deal I was prepared to accept and I signed up for another contract.

AnnieSnap Wed 24-Nov-21 20:24:23

Having read a thread a little while ago where MNs cancelled their Sky TV package and were then chased with amazing deals, I took the plunge and just cancelled! I had a package with everything except the children’s channels (mine are all grown-up) and BT sport (we have the rest of the sports package + Liverpool TV). It also includes multi room in one extra room, Netflix and HD. With discounts, it’s been costing £88 per month. On the website it was offering a £20 discount to renew - on a price of £125!!! I knew I’d get a better deal if I rang, but still not good enough. After being put through to ‘cancellations’, I was offered an impressive £73 for my existing package, but I also wanted BT sports at a sensible price. The very nice person said she could only do tgst with the package at £100. I said no and cancelled. My contract expires on 29 December. So I must now wait for them to chase me and offer a better deal. I’m nervous people. 😬😳

Please share your experiences on this.

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