Real Housewives of Potamac

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Lampzade Wed 24-Nov-21 15:33:30

Michael should not even be on the show. He has done some very questionable things
Ashley stays for the money

CruellaDeVilla Mon 22-Nov-21 06:04:01

Candiace is coming across as unhinged with Chris becoming increasingly impatient with her

Karen is a bitch to Gizelle, who I really like

Wendy - WTF is with the surgery and going on about it? It’s weird.

G is urgh, cringey

Michael yuk yuk - what does lovely Ashley see in him? She should have got out long ago

Mia has had too much surgery, her face is waxy

happilybemused Sun 21-Nov-21 18:00:00

Has anyone else been watching this season?

I had a lot of sympathy for Candaice last season when she was attacked by an unrepentant Monique (who clearly had a better legal team!)

However, she's done the same this season in that she pushes and pushes people, making personal comments about their appearance (Ashley- wide, big forehead, Mia- big feet) and then acts the victim when they react. She doesn't seem to have learnt anything.

Love them or hate them, Karen and Gizelle say awful things to each other but I do get the impression they genuinely care about each other. Also some of their lines are pure comedy. They are the Alexis and Krystal of Potamac.

Sadly Micheal Darby kept a low profile this season but his love for Juan remained real in the finale and everyone thinking his move into the movie business was definitely porn was spot on.

Dr Wendy definitely had a personality transplant and the amount of surgery was real. I liked her last season but not sure this time. I do think she's massively insecure and competitive and has to be the best at everything. Hence all the degrees then having to look the best. I can completely believe Eddie subscribes to booty accounts but probably didn't have an affair.

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