The Wild Gardener BBC2

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carbon60 Mon 29-Nov-21 20:58:07

After 30 years of filming the creatures of the world, the wildlife cameraman returns home on a personal project…

He aims to turn his old childhood garden into a haven for native wildlife over the course of two years.

He begins by digging ponds, clearing scrub, planting woodland and sowing meadows as he tries to figure out how best to lure the wild creatures back.

Fireblanket Sun 28-Nov-21 20:08:51

Am watching on I player.
So, let me get this right. He takes a plot of land that has been left untouched for 40 years, and systematically rips out all the wilderness - to make a wild garden???

herecomesthsun Thu 25-Nov-21 11:21:54

We have a wild garden grin

Djangor3725 Thu 25-Nov-21 10:41:09

I watched it but felt there was too much footage of the presenter rather than what he was looking at. Near the end, where he was looking at the wild garlic which he hadn't planted, I did think it was a little ironic that he had taken a plot of land which had been left untouched for years & so was already a wild garden, and he hadn't even taken a year to see what was already there. I also originally thought it a shame that he used a large drift of phacelia, which he said was not a native plant, but I have since done a bit of research & it has been grown in the uk for nearly 200 years. It would have been nice to have a bit more info about what was being planted.

prettyteapotsplease Tue 23-Nov-21 12:55:05

I enjoyed it and I think there's a second episode this Friday if I'm not mistaken. How wonderful must it be to have some spare space to do this oneself?

Changecountetextraordinaire Sun 21-Nov-21 08:53:50

Anyone else watched this? It's lovely, and filling the Gardener's World void on a Sunday morning.

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