Series Similar to Game of Thrones?

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frodojodo Sat 20-Nov-21 16:11:27

I'm listening to the GOT soundtrack and feeling sad, I'm desperate to watch it all again but every time I think to rewatch it I remember season 8....💔

So, apart from Vikings, are there any epic series like Game Of Thrones out there?

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milkysmum Wed 24-Nov-21 00:10:43

See I know it might seem like a different genre completely- but I loved GOT and I absolutely love The Walking Dead- totally invest in the characters in the same way.
I've just binge watched 10 seasons again ready to watch season 11 that I haven't seen yet.

BoreOfWhabylon Wed 24-Nov-21 00:11:59

The Last Kingdom

evtheria Wed 24-Nov-21 00:12:55

The Wheel of Time has just begun, (but I’m a big fan of the books so I’m too scared to watch it).

Bonnieweejeaniemccall Wed 24-Nov-21 00:20:07

If you liked vikings you will love the last kingdom, its one of my favourite series ever!

Gilmoregale Wed 24-Nov-21 02:04:40

The Last Kingdom, The Witcher, Carnival Row (sort of), and though different genres I'd second The Walking Dead and even Fear the Walking Dead, which led to iZombie, also equally bingeable, Stranger Things. There are also a few series aimed at kids or YA which the Netflix algorithm recommended (Fire and Bone??) and there are some 70s science fiction series running on Britbox which are fun if you can get past the wobbly sets and mannered acting. I even enjoyed the first 2 series of the recentish BBC Robin Hood though Robin of Sherwood was the definitive version for my generation.

Campervan69 Wed 24-Nov-21 11:39:29

The Witcher is great. Can't wait for season 2 to air. Am also enjoying Wheel of Time so far. Only 3 episodes of that have aired up to now so I've started reading the books.


LateToTheParty Wed 24-Nov-21 11:42:56

Britannia (Sky Atlantic / Now TV)

BonesInTheOcean Wed 24-Nov-21 11:44:06

The Witcher definitely
Westworld? maybe?

rbe78 Wed 24-Nov-21 12:36:38

The Witcher, The Last Kingdom, Westworld as PPs have said. Also Black Sails (prequel to Treasure Island - but definitely not for kids!)

IntemperateSpirits Wed 24-Nov-21 12:44:34

I really liked Marco Polo on Netflix. Similar budget and drama to GoT.

LiterallyKnowsBest Wed 24-Nov-21 12:49:18

There are a good few ‘epic’ shows around - but in different genres to GOT. So it depends whether what matters to you is Hobbit-costumed fantasy (can’t think of another description, though I love GOT) or immense, fearless storytelling even without the fantasy element.

If the latter - I would recommend either Money Heist or Succession - which is the best thing on a screen right now. Or Mad Men if you haven’t seen it. (Or all three.)

ElephantOfRisk Wed 24-Nov-21 13:33:27


SapatSea Wed 24-Nov-21 15:01:11

I'd second all these:
Shadow and Bone
The Last Kingdom
The Wheel of TIme
The Lord of the Ring Films
Rome - great slightly older series (2005)
The Witcher
Cursed (but it has been cancelled after one season)

I rewatched GOT several months back and Season 8 wasn't quite as bad as I remembered - just the last episode really sucked.

frodojodo Thu 25-Nov-21 18:40:00

I've watched The Lord of The Rings marathon yearly since I was a kid, The Hobbits yearly since they came out too! My absolute favourite films of all time!!! Game Of Thrones is fantastic but has nothing on Lortwink

I think I'll try The Last Kingdom. I tried Vikings but couldn't get in to it, I gave up half way through season 1. Succession has been recommended to me many times as well, I could give that a go.

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frodojodo Thu 25-Nov-21 18:43:12

Is The Walking Dead worth it?.. I've been tempted to watch that before.

I'll pass on The Witcher until there are more seasons, I like older stuff because if I enjoy it I can binge watch season after season and don't have to wait.

I didn't start watching Game of Thrones until season 5, so I was able to binge 5 seasons straight away!

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whatnumber Thu 25-Nov-21 19:11:48

Have you seen stranger things?

milkysmum Thu 25-Nov-21 20:41:50

" Is the walking dead worth it? "

parkrunner1977 Thu 25-Nov-21 20:51:23

The Last Kingdom is brilliant (and I didn't like Vikings either). We also watched the 3 available episodes of Wheel of Time this week, first one completely confused me and I thought I can't be bothered with this but decided to at least watch them all and was hooked by the end. It's a bit like GOT and Lord of the Rings combined. The Orcs were scary enough but the Trollicks are something else, terrifying!!

Walking Dead has had good series and very slow not so good ones. I've been committed since the very start so will stick with it to the very end. The latest seies, which is the final one, has been one of the best they've done. Fear the Walking Dead is also worth a watch too.

frodojodo Thu 25-Nov-21 21:05:44

@whatnumber I tried it when it first came out, I only got to episode 3 I think.. I'm into fantasy but not so keen on science fiction!

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BoreOfWhabylon Thu 25-Nov-21 21:20:29

Seconding the recommendation for Rome

InNeedOfaHobby Thu 25-Nov-21 21:52:34

Came on here to say Rome too

colouringindoors Thu 25-Nov-21 22:06:38

How can I watch The Last Kingdom?

frodojodo Thu 25-Nov-21 22:21:14

@colouringindoors It's on Netflix smile

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frodojodo Thu 25-Nov-21 22:23:22

@parkrunner1977 I hadn't heard of Wheel of Time, I'll definitely look into it!

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