Wheel Of Time on Prime

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Ubiquery Thu 18-Nov-21 20:20:28

I’ve just read it starts Friday 19th. Please be good. Please be good. Please be good…

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species5618 Fri 19-Nov-21 14:26:52

Not sure how good it can be given the source material smile

MrsEWeatherwax Fri 19-Nov-21 15:03:53

I thought the books are as good as Game of thrones. Plus at least it is finished. Even if I didn’t like certain parts of ending.
Does anyone know if it is released weekly or all at once?

UtterlyUnimaginativeUsername Fri 19-Nov-21 15:26:12

New episode weekly, it says.

KEG05 Fri 19-Nov-21 15:29:51

Looks like first 3 are on prime now with the rest weekly until Xmas

CloseYourEyesAndSee Fri 19-Nov-21 15:34:28

Yes!! Will be watching later

Ubiquery Fri 19-Nov-21 15:38:58

Not sure how good it can be given the source material 😮 hoists bosom

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MrsEWeatherwax Fri 19-Nov-21 16:19:43

Tugs braid, the books are fantastic, if only a little long 😂

GrouchyKiwi Fri 19-Nov-21 16:22:24

DH and I will be watching tonight. I have heard things.

I love Daniel Henney as Lan so will hold onto that if the rest of it sucks.

And I didn't do a reread so I won't constantly yelling about how wrong it is, although I've read it often enough that I'm sure I'll be irritated anyway.

TheLadySif Fri 19-Nov-21 17:45:27

Looking forward to watching this tonight. I read the books years ago nut recently reread the first. Have heard there have been a few changes but hopefully they haven’t changed the story too much.

Faircastle Fri 19-Nov-21 21:24:08

I read the books so long ago that I have forgotten most of it. I watched the first episode this evening. I didn't hate it.

Boredsillyathome Fri 19-Nov-21 21:25:13

I'm watching the first episode now, I read the first two books years ago but never got any further think I was put off by how many there was in the series. It's ok so far I think if you've not read the books it would be a bit confusing!

Ubiquery Fri 19-Nov-21 21:51:45

I’ve watched episode 1 with DP. I agree that non-book readers are at a disadvantage.

I liked some of the interpretations- The Power, Mat, the inn etc but it didn’t grab me. The trollocs were pretty poor.

It’s supposed to be a response to Netflix‘s Game of Thrones but I’m afraid it doesn’t come close so far.

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SoupDragon Fri 19-Nov-21 22:28:38

I probably read the first book when it was published (or not long after!) so I remember very little. In fact I have it confused with another series which I now can't remember the names of which is really really annoying!

I thought the first episode of this lacked something. I'm not sure what though.

SoupDragon Fri 19-Nov-21 22:30:14

The trollocs were pretty poor.

Once I saw them as men in fur trousers, they were ruined. They should have put them in black leather then at least they were meant to be trousers.

Allsorts1 Fri 19-Nov-21 22:48:30

Just watched this and found it fantastic! Really captured the magic of the books - I am super impressed and relieved, as I adored the books when I was younger. Way way better than Game of Thrones in my opinion!

Also so many of the scenes were exactly as I had pictured in my head - they have really drawn on the source material quite heavily - the layout of the town was exactly as I pictured.

The script is great and laugh out loud funny and they’ve kept it fresh with even a joke about Rand & Matt being lovers.

The cast is fantastic and diverse! And Rosamund Pike is brilliant - I saw she is a producer too.

Allsorts1 Fri 19-Nov-21 22:50:03

And I found the trollocks so good and scary! I remember being so let down in GoT as the white walkers looked weird and totally not as described but the trollocks look like epic super orcs which is fab and the fade is genuinely terrifying.

SoupDragon Fri 19-Nov-21 23:39:31

There was a moment right at the end where a trolloc turned round and his legs looked just like a man in fur trousers. Before that I found them good and scary but that moment ruined them for me.

Rosamund Pike annoyed me at the end. I didn't think she was convincing with the magic part in the fight although she was excellent at all other times.

Perhaps I was looking forward to it too much. I will still watch it all though!

GrouchyKiwi Fri 19-Nov-21 23:55:59

I have watched the first three episodes now. (Massive WoT nerd back in the day, it's how I met DH.)

I do NOT like how grim dark they've made it. I hate what they've done with Mat's family.

They certainly weren't subtle about the Whitecloaks (ep 2). grin The books were a lot better on this, gave complexity to the organisation.

I am really glad that they've aged up the main 4. Will be good to have less teen angst. Please have less teen angst.

Missed Thom in Emond's Field. I thought they really needed him.

2nd and 3rd episodes were much better than the first. Ros Pike is growing on me, but despite her being a huge fan of the books I don't think she's quite managed to portray Moiraine properly.

Lan is great. Don't like their implication of a sexual relationship with the stupid bath-tub scene, though.

I have a lot of feelings. Overall, after three episodes I'm about 75% happy with it. Did not like the first episode, though, and if I hadn't been a fan of WoT I'm not sure I'd have continued with it.

Allsorts1 Sat 20-Nov-21 00:09:52

It’s so interesting the different perspectives! I didn’t find it grim and dark, I thought they drew on the natural landscape in a beautiful way to make the whole thing sumptuous and the magic is done really well to actually seem magical, a bit like how Harry Potter feels magical - I think fans of the WoT should all rejoice that it’s at least not cheesy, which would be way worse in my opinion than a little more grim than the books.

They’ve done a pretty excellent job so far of casting and it’s clearly been developed by someone who loved the series as I think they’ve captured the core of it.

I think Rosamund is doing a good job of being frustratingly obtuse like the real Morraine was in the books, and as an actress she’s always been quite a closed book which does really suit the character.


The first Whitecloak scene was chilling! But then you do meet the more relaxed white cloak leader later on so maybe they will show more balance soon, I think they’re just trying to establish tension and baddies so that non book readers keep watching!

SoupDragon Sat 20-Nov-21 08:50:28

I didn’t find it grim and dark

Me neither really. It was as dark as it needed to be to convey "peril". I did look away at some of the gorier bits though.

Missed Thom in Emond's Field. I thought they really needed him.

I don't remember Thom at all (see below!) and didn't feel there was anything missing.

Don't like their implication of a sexual relationship with the stupid bath-tub scene, though.

I saw it more as showing that they were extremely comfortable with each other. I didn't really get any hint of sexual chemistry at all. More like they'd been together so long that nudity wasn't an issue.

As I read the books so long again, I'm perhaps closer to a "non reader" than "avid fan". I stopped reading after about book 5 when it seemed to be heading up the author's backside and that wasn't what I wanted from Fantasy books at the time.

Allsorts1 Sat 20-Nov-21 09:35:44

@SoupDragon yes I agree it didn’t seem sexual. And they’re showing his bond enforced protectiveness well.

Fans of Thom, don’t despair quite yet wink

SoupDragon Sat 20-Nov-21 10:00:44

Before getting into the series too far - is this thread going to be spoiler free?

CloseYourEyesAndSee Sat 20-Nov-21 10:00:48

Are we allowed to post episode spoilers on here?
Book fan here - I don't mind changed per se but why did they make Perrin married? He didn't need a back story to explain why he becomes who he does - and the events of the future are sufficient to explain that. Also didn't like Mat's abusive family. He was meant to be light hearted and fun which creates contrast with what happens after shadar logoth. He doesn't seem light hearted at all rather careworn and unhappy.

CloseYourEyesAndSee Sat 20-Nov-21 10:01:31

I might make a thread for book readers if there isn't one already

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