What's your comfort watch that you fall back to when don't know what to put on?

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BiscuitLover09876 Tue 16-Nov-21 16:20:27

I'd love to know!

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Anaximedes Tue 21-Dec-21 04:30:33

Call the Midwife
Antiques Road Trip (or the celebrity version)
Homes Under the Hammer (but I can't watch more than a few)
wildlife documentaries
anything with Lucy Worsley or Alice Roberts in it

There are more but I can't remember what they are just now.

Rainartist Tue 14-Dec-21 17:05:04


Couldn’t agree more about Malory Towers. That plus a cup of tea makes the world seem a much better, calmer place.

I'm sad it's ended 😢
It was so beautifully shot, all golden sunshine halcyon days, the scenery was gorgeous. The school was almost just how I imagined it as a child, haven't felt like that since the first Harry Potter film came out!

And without Enid Blyton's inherent prejudices - it was just perfect!

WildStallyn Tue 14-Dec-21 07:28:52


lifeinlimbo2020 Tue 14-Dec-21 07:28:12

Schitts Creek
Four in a bed
Come dine with me
Modern family

TenoringBehind Tue 14-Dec-21 07:24:26

Couldn’t agree more about Malory Towers. That plus a cup of tea makes the world seem a much better, calmer place.

mizu Tue 14-Dec-21 07:20:10



Rainartist Mon 13-Dec-21 17:23:42

True comfort TV - the mallory towers adaptation on BBC. I'm loving it, it's reminding me of my childhood. It's such a good adaptation many elements of the books but updated appropriately and believably for a modern audience.

WaterAndTheWild Mon 13-Dec-21 12:29:10

I just started rewatching The Office (UK)..

The first series has talking heads before each ep and Matthew Perry was saying how he sometimes just puts it on in the background because he finds it so comforting - and isn't that weird! Not sure if he was being serious or not because in some ways it IS werid but I think it's something we all do from time to time!

Rookie93 Sun 12-Dec-21 23:07:23

Dad's army - no matter how many times I've seen it still find them funnier than much else on.
Doc Martin
Masters of Flip
Columbo - when all else fails he's always there with a twinkle and one more question

bubblebath62636 Sun 12-Dec-21 15:34:29

South Park

BasiliskStare Sun 12-Dec-21 15:22:57

& Downton abbey & All Creatures Great and Small But favourite is Foyle's War - real time viewing - University challenge and Only connect

BasiliskStare Sun 12-Dec-21 15:20:43

Morse / Lewis / Endeavour and Foyle's War

Clawdy Sun 12-Dec-21 08:36:02

Another vote for The Detectorists. And Fawlty Towers!

TheTallOne Sun 12-Dec-21 07:09:12

HIGNFY or The Chase

madamehooch Sun 12-Dec-21 06:20:19

Real Housewives

MadisonAvenue Fri 10-Dec-21 23:27:42

Royle Family
Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
Parks and Rec
Ugly Betty
Derry Girls
Father Ted
Gavin and Stacey
Escape To The Country
Selling Sunset

Skysblue Fri 10-Dec-21 17:59:12

Friends. 30rock. Parks and Rec.

baggies Fri 10-Dec-21 17:24:50

The Royle Family
Young Sheldon
The Middle

MeatyRvita Sun 28-Nov-21 18:31:26

Gavin and Stacey
Downton Abbey
Buffy the vampire slayer

Itsjustnotcricketisit Sun 28-Nov-21 18:24:24

Some of my go to TV is very current:

Our Yorkshire Farm
The Yorkshire Vet
All creatures great and small (new series)
Secret life of the zoo.
A place in the sun
New life in the sun

All on record, so I find it watch it and relaxxxxxx

RedRec Sat 27-Nov-21 14:31:36

Doc Martin

Giggorata Sat 27-Nov-21 14:12:54

Oooh, forgot Malcom in the Middle, sublime.

AurevoirLesEnfants Sat 27-Nov-21 14:12:45

Sister Act or Downton Abbey

Giggorata Sat 27-Nov-21 14:12:04

Man Down
15 Storeys High
The Thick of It
Mighty Boosh
It Crowd

ThisIsTrifficult Sat 27-Nov-21 13:56:07

Parks & rec!
Certain films are watchable no matter what time.kr mood I'm in:

Lord of the rings
The Martian
Princess bride

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