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FiftyShadesofMeredith Wed 10-Nov-21 22:22:38

Came on to see what everyone thought of the first episode tonight but can’t find a thread. Where are my people?

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Faircastle Sun 14-Nov-21 16:09:55


At the start of the episode they state it's set in a post pandemic world. There are references to COVID but that's it.

Thank you @ImperialQueenofMoo
You can tell how closely I was paying attention. grin

Aderyn21 Sun 14-Nov-21 16:12:21

Thought it was boring - Meredith is really dull these days and they seem to be pulling story lines out of thin air. One minute Amelia and Link were fine, the next they were fighting. Where did that come from? Seemed unrealistic to me. They’ve lost too many good characters and are doing nothing with the ones that remain.

BrieAndChilli Sun 14-Nov-21 16:13:11

I couldn’t place the guy in the hotel at all. Was it just me or did he seem very similar to Derek? Something in the face/mannerisms so at first I was wondering if it was a relative or something!!

Whatwouldscullydo Sun 14-Nov-21 16:13:22

Yeah link was a really good guy. His character would never have manipulated her into marriage as that's what Owen does not link.

Whatwouldscullydo Sun 14-Nov-21 16:14:04

It was the way he said neredith with the mouth barely moving wasn't it.

He didn't talk like that vefire it was done on purpose and felt like a trick

ObnoxiousFeminist Sun 14-Nov-21 16:15:01


Yeah link was a really good guy. His character would never have manipulated her into marriage as that's what Owen does not link.

Owen is a horrible arse who abuses women. Cannot stand the character and hate scenes with him in.


DBI78 Sun 14-Nov-21 16:17:43

It's gone downhill last few seasons. It just felt like a non event. Meredith looking at another hospital (as if!!) boring honeymoon jokes. The wedding but was ok but other than that. They should have ended it season 14. Currently watching private practice which is good.

Fadingout Sun 14-Nov-21 16:28:50

I couldn’t work out who Meredith was dating. All very odd. She’s also so happy and shiny all the time. No strong characters and no real interesting medical cases. Interns all very boring and dull.

Bixy Sun 14-Nov-21 20:15:28

It's definitely not what it used to be. sad

Xyzzzzz Sun 14-Nov-21 20:16:59


The early ones were so good, it’s such a shame. I just rewatched the last series and whilst there were some good bits mostly it was just depressing.

The show is a shadow of what it was

DaisyNGO Sun 14-Nov-21 22:18:27

I'm so confused

I was told that Disney or Now TV would show s17 as soon as season 18 started in April 2022....

So S18 is on Sky already but s17 is nowhere to be found?

SheilaFentiman Sun 14-Nov-21 22:24:07

S17 might be on prime now. It was on NOW TV before.

DaisyNGO Sun 14-Nov-21 22:27:17


S17 might be on prime now. It was on NOW TV before.

It's on Prime at £2.49 per episode. We had Now TV and I didn't see it in there this year but I thought it was confusing.

Justme10 Sun 14-Nov-21 22:37:54

It was pretty boring, I'm hoping it starts to pick up 🤞🏻

I'm a bit annoyed that they had been building up to Meredith and Hayes and then it's all happened off screen.

Since they were interviewing for new drs, I'm hoping we get someone that will stir things up a bit.

SheilaFentiman Sun 14-Nov-21 23:23:32

S17 was on Now TV about April this year, I think. I subscribed for a few months to watch it and Station 19. But I guess they didn’t have the rights for long? It will be free on prime eventually, I expect.

Fadingout Wed 17-Nov-21 22:09:53

Did anyone else watch tonight’s episode?

Whatwouldscullydo Wed 17-Nov-21 22:29:40

Yes. Are they transing Leo?hmm

dalrympy Wed 17-Nov-21 22:32:07

They shoehorn the political stuff in too much. It's just not needed in a soapy show like that! It's hardly hard hitting is it?

The veteran who isn't getting support. The black lady who isn't on the transplant list. The non binary research doctor. The issue of the small child in an Elsa dress.

And that's all in one bloody episode!

Whatwouldscullydo Wed 17-Nov-21 22:54:20

They seem so focused on all the changes the world stuff the basics of a case you follow from beginning to end with enough pre medical need intro that u actually care about the patient and/or know what the Dr treating them had been through to be right there at that moment seem to have all been forgotten.

Its reminiscent of when Teddy and Christina performed complicated incredible surgeries and forgot how to do an appendectomy

Titanium2013 Thu 18-Nov-21 14:44:14

Well, I’m sad to say that after watching it from the start, I am now stopping. It is not the greys anatomy I grew to love. It is too political, too preachy and as a pp said, the characters are falling out with no reason (Amelia and Link). I cannot actually think of a single character that I like, even Bailey is a shadow of her former self. The humour has gone. I miss George, Izzie, Callie, Cristina, Mark, Lexie. I decided if I hate more characters than I like, then why waste an hour a week? Owen, Teddy, Jo, Maggie, the interns, Amelia, Levi.....I hate them all angry I really think they should have stopped a few seasons ago. I’m really sad that it has come to this, but farewell Greys!!

Aderyn21 Thu 18-Nov-21 15:28:27

They need to call time on this really - there are no interesting characters left - Meredith was only ever interesting because of the other people in her storylines and they’ve all jumped ship.
Also she is looking very pillow faced these days!

Covetthee Thu 18-Nov-21 15:38:08

I’m another fan who has left it, i tried to stick with after Karev but its waaaay too woke now,

I don’t need a non binary/transgender issue in every single bloody show i watch, its almost become boring, as you know they will shoehorn it in somewhow

ToughTittyWhompus Thu 18-Nov-21 15:48:53

I’m very bored of it now, I don’t actually know why I keep watching.

Amelia has lost all her spark, as has Bailey. Jo I could only tolerate when Karev was around (I still refuse to watch his leaving episode, what a shit show). Teddy has always irritated me, Owen I’ve never liked. Meredith is a bore and is always almost dying.

As for Levi and the other interns, WTF? There hasn’t been a decent batch of interns since Lexi Grey.

I don’t mind the stuff about race inequality in medicine, it’s very real, has been brought more to light by Covid and it’s relevant to show as it’s a medical drama.

The trans stuff? eye roll Not relevant.

Fadingout Thu 18-Nov-21 15:56:59

I just want to see how it ends. Because it’s total dross now. Not a decent character amongst them and so unbearably woke. The issue of race in medicine I thought was important but not much of a story line. Everything seems to be about their love lives and even they’re not that interesting. I wish they’d called time on it and it went out on a high. I couldn’t care less about the interns. They’re such a boring bunch.

Whatwouldscullydo Thu 18-Nov-21 16:17:19

The trans stuff?eye rollNot relevant

Would be a massive cop out if that's what they do. It would completely miss the back story of the child. Never mind the fact he's the son of a young drug addicted girl who couldn't even look after herself let alone a baby, then taken in ny another addict and ending up in some weird parenting square between anemia link teddy and Owen none of which seem to even acknowledge the boundaries of their relationship to the child yet the only thing they worry about is am elsa dress? hmm

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