Greys Anatomy New series 18

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FiftyShadesofMeredith Wed 10-Nov-21 22:22:38

Came on to see what everyone thought of the first episode tonight but can’t find a thread. Where are my people?

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FiftyShadesofMeredith Thu 11-Nov-21 16:04:34


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SickAndTiredAgain Thu 11-Nov-21 16:06:03

I haven’t watched it yet. But I’m a big fan so will catch up soon and then I’m sure I’ll have many thoughts! I’m hoping for better than last series, and I do like the look of the few spoilers I’ve seen.

Sirzy Thu 11-Nov-21 16:06:58

I was disappointed. More impressed with the new season of station 19 so far but hoping it improves

Boredsillyathome Thu 11-Nov-21 16:11:42

I just wrote on the old Greys thread, I had to Google the bloke Meredith met in the hotel he's from Season 14, definitely don't remember him, I wasn't that impressed with the 1st episode thought it would be a bit more exciting

SickAndTiredAgain Thu 11-Nov-21 16:13:41


I just wrote on the old Greys thread, I had to Google the bloke Meredith met in the hotel he's from Season 14, definitely don't remember him, I wasn't that impressed with the 1st episode thought it would be a bit more exciting

Is that the kidney donor patient/doctor? I think I saw that spoiler and I do remember him. He was a visiting transplant dr who collapsed because he’d recently received a kidney donation. He was nice. Bit dull.

NadiaVulvokov Fri 12-Nov-21 12:39:33

I was very disappointed. It’s just a very syrupy soapy, “isn’t Meredith amazing, oh she’s the best ever” love fest now.

It’s been like that for a few seasons now. Last season had it’s issues but I thought they were pretty brave in tackling Covid so head on given the climate in the US at the time. It seemed relevant again although the Aries was really flawed in other ways.

I read that Shonda Rhimes has said that the series will continue as long as Ellen Pompeo wants to play Meredith. So I wonder if that influences the story lines a bit- writers make sure everything is ultra positive so the show keeps rolling on.


SickAndTiredAgain Fri 12-Nov-21 13:22:06

@NadiaVulvokov I’m sort of hoping this series is the last one. I’ve watched it for 17 years so I will almost certainly stick with it -to the bitter end- but it is starting to feel like it’s on its last legs.

FiftyShadesofMeredith Fri 12-Nov-21 13:40:50

The early ones were so good, it’s such a shame. I just rewatched the last series and whilst there were some good bits mostly it was just depressing.

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NadiaVulvokov Fri 12-Nov-21 14:10:31

@SickAndTiredAgain I know, I think I’ll maybe just leave this season til I have a cold or something and watch in one go when I need something really undemanding. Or wait until it does finish for good and then watch for the sake of completeness.

The first seasons really showed how messy people can be; even if they look like they are succeeding. It’s so one dimensional now.

Fadingout Sat 13-Nov-21 10:06:34

Dedicated Greys fan here! I’m still watching but very very bored of it. The stupid storylines, all a bit smarmy and soap opera like. I don’t find any of the characters great. I miss old Greys. I’ve watched the old series’ repeatedly but am very bored of the direction Greys are taking.

Fadingout Sat 13-Nov-21 10:19:43

First episode…awful.

sunshinelover69 Sat 13-Nov-21 10:24:07

Where is it on?

NadiaVulvokov Sat 13-Nov-21 13:39:03

@sunshinelover69 Sky

Panicmode1 Sat 13-Nov-21 16:04:06

I gave up on Greys in the middle of the last season. I was a diehard fan but found myself increasingly disengaged during episodes so stopped watching and removed my series link. I got fed up with missing stuff tht was on Station 19 so Greys seemed increasingly disjointed - and I found I just didn't care any more :-( . Sad that this series hasn't improved, but glad my decision seems to have been the right one!

Fadingout Sat 13-Nov-21 16:20:53

@Panicmode1 I actually fast forwarded through some of it. There’s just no sense of drama anymore. I want to give it up but want to see it end if that makes sense. The whole thing is dreadful now and if it was the first series, I doubt I’d carry on watching.

Panicmode1 Sat 13-Nov-21 16:24:34

@Fadingout My daughter has just started watching from the beginning and I'm loving her excitement at discovering them - but also wishing she doesn't get too sucked in because I know the disappointment that's coming down the line wink.

It's sad - I definitely think it's had its day.

Pbbananabagel Sat 13-Nov-21 16:26:53

I never watched it before mat leave and have now seen all but season 18 - desperate to know what happens to poor Owen!
I don’t have sky sadly so will have to wait for it to be available for free on streaming

OddBoots Sat 13-Nov-21 20:26:19

I've just watched the whole of Private Practice (again) and finished in time for Greys. I agree that Meredith is really annoying, I watch in spite of her not because of her and sometimes fast forward her bits.

I am part way thought this first ep of S18 and gasped when then mentioned tethered spinal cord, I have one and it's not something most people know about so it's good to see it featured.

Titanium2013 Sat 13-Nov-21 21:03:24

I’ve been with Greys since the start and I must say I’m losing the will!! Ellen Pompeo seems bored with her character. There was a lot of eyebrow raising and silences rather than acting! There was zero chemistry with that guy at the hotel. And what’s happening with Jo? That wig she wore was ridiculous. It just doesn’t fit that she wouldnt cope, especially as she was given Avery’s penthouse so not on the breadline struggling! I think the main issue i have is that the interns are just annoying. I just can’t connect with them like I did with Izzie, George, Alex etc. Amelia is super annoying, Link needs to grow a pair and who cares about Station 19? Not me, so stop with the crossovers. Think I may give it a few more episodes before I give up on it.

burnoutbabe Sun 14-Nov-21 08:37:50

Happy it's back on in uk though I did struggle to finish last season of greys, left episodes for a while on sky+. Just quite draining at times.

I am rewatching private practice on Disney, up to season 3 now so no Amelia yet.

As I don't watch station 19 I didn't realise there was any cross over this week. So that was good!

SheilaFentiman Sun 14-Nov-21 09:37:57

Not much crossover this week - one of the patients was injured in the Station 19 premiere and brought to Grey Sloan, but I don’t think they refer to it as a formal crossover if the main cast don’t appear in both.

Faircastle Sun 14-Nov-21 15:13:45

I've just started watching S18 E01: Here comes the sun.

The last episode of S17 confused me with all the skipping forwards, and now I'm even more confused. The hospital had full-on measures to mitigate against the spread of Covid and now it has none at all, not even face masks. Is the pandemic suddenly over in Seattle?

ImperialQueenofMoo Sun 14-Nov-21 15:59:32

At the start of the episode they state it's set in a post pandemic world. There are references to COVID but that's it.

Whatwouldscullydo Sun 14-Nov-21 16:06:51

I thought it sucked.

When she said she'd been seeing someone but his kid had a hard time I wondered who she was talking about. Delucca died ajd the kids liked him and she was in a coma fir weeks so who?

I've need waiting for something to happen with hayes after the point they made where Christina said she sent him.

Its very obvious the lack of character development they've had with the interns as u didn't even.miss them.

I dont know why Jo was in it she deserves a better part than what she got.

The only believeale part would have been keredith sleeping with the dr and she didn't. If u don't want him meredith I will. He's not half bad.

There was no story line at all. Just awful

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