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Blondeshavemorefun Thu 04-Nov-21 15:55:29

Connie Nielsen plays jo Harding

A woman who seems to have it all - big house -wonderful kids -doting husband - Rob , played by Christopher eccleston


Following a fall, an entire year is wiped from her memory and jo relieses that her perfect life may not be perfect and all that it seems

Worse still someone is keeping a terrible secret from her

Looks good and right up my street - wondering if hubby is having an affair or even if jo is playing around

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youngestisapsycho Thu 04-Nov-21 22:56:34

Ooh sounds good

Xmasbaby11 Thu 04-Nov-21 23:01:40

I feel like I've seen it before - maybe I've read the book? Or too many similar ones! I'll definitely be watching it!

BruceAndNosh Thu 04-Nov-21 23:20:30

I like the sound of this. Will be setting to record (as I can't stand all the adverts on All4)

Blondeshavemorefun Fri 05-Nov-21 12:26:22

Agree sounds familiar

Bloody bbc itv ch4. All at 9pm


Angela black

Now close to me

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Blondeshavemorefun Sat 06-Nov-21 12:26:52

I’m at work so will have to do 2 at 9

Showtrial and Angela at 9

Then this one close to me at 10 on +1

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HollowTalk Sat 06-Nov-21 19:45:59

The book was out in 2017. Amanda Reynolds wrote it.


Blondeshavemorefun Sun 07-Nov-21 00:09:58

@HollowTalk do uou know if it’s been shown before /made into a series

I’m sure I haven’t read the book but agree with others the plot sounds familiar

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HollowTalk Sun 07-Nov-21 00:19:16

No, I actually know Amanda and know that it's taking a long time for this to be made, although probably a short time in TV land! It certainly hasn't been made before.

saveforthat Sun 07-Nov-21 09:12:38

Wasn't there a thriller recently called close to you?

mum2jakie Sun 07-Nov-21 09:15:13


Wasn't there a thriller recently called close to you?

There was one with a very similar name. The one where the supposed 'yummy mummy' drove a car with her own kids in it off a bridge? She then ended up in a psychiatric hospital. That had a very similar title.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Sun 07-Nov-21 09:16:39

I feel I've seen this or maybe read it.

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 07-Nov-21 12:02:54

I R.E.M. that with the car and driving off the road

I just seem to know this plot - weird.

I think she is having an affair - wonder if I am right

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butterpuffed Sun 07-Nov-21 17:27:41

Which to watch and when, we're flooded with dramas .... 3 on at the same time. Think I'll give this new one a go tonight and Showtrial and Angela Black on iplayers during the week.

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 07-Nov-21 17:47:19

I know. All at 9. Ans working tonight as well so need to record all 3

I shall record bbc and itv

And this one prob +1

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swimdrum Sun 07-Nov-21 20:04:42

There is a Liane Moriarty novel with a similar premise called "What Alice forgot". Could you be thinking of that?

User5632986 Sun 07-Nov-21 20:22:52

I think I might watch this tonight, fortunately I have already watched Showtrial, I will have to squeeze Angela Black in with Dexter and Succession tomorrow. I see there is a big house in this, maybe they pinched it from ITV.

Thanks Blondes would have missed this if it wasn't for thread

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 07-Nov-21 20:25:36

I like to be helpful with drama /detective etx @User5632986

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AvonCallingBarksdale Sun 07-Nov-21 21:32:10

Hmmm not sure so far confused

Dogatetheleftovers Sun 07-Nov-21 21:58:32

Me neither Avon and the son is from Doctor Foster.

Rollergirl11 Sun 07-Nov-21 22:10:13

So are we supposed to think she had sex with her daughters boyfriend? And what do we think has happened to Finn as he’s obviously not at university!

Judystilldreamsofhorses Sun 07-Nov-21 23:05:23

Is anyone able to get the rest of this on Sky Q? I can see the other episodes on All 4 online, but when I search for it on the TV it’s just episode one.

I also feel like I have read this and went as far as checking Amazon/my Kindle. It is very familiar!

MrsFin Sun 07-Nov-21 23:16:57

Christopher Eccleston is looking much younger than the last time I saw him

BatshitCrazyWoman Mon 08-Nov-21 09:52:55

I quite liked it. Christopher Eccleston shouldn't wear orange though #notreallyrelevant

Aquarius1234 Mon 08-Nov-21 13:02:04

I thought the acting was bad.

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