Our Girl Thread 62 "Our Girl, Soldier Soldier and The Musketeers Revisited"

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Ilovelblue Wed 03-Nov-21 20:45:55

We started to follow "Our Girl" back in 2014 and although there will be no further series, we do revisit from time to time. We have watched all seven series of "Soldier Soldier" to keep up our military terminology and are now on the final series of "The Musketeers". Of course, there is a definite connection between "Our Girl" and "The Musketeers" in the delightful form of Luke Pasqualino. In the New Year, we plan to go back and watch series 2 of Our Girl.

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Rhubarb01 Wed 03-Nov-21 21:05:22

Just starting episode 1 of series 3

Rhubarb01 Wed 03-Nov-21 21:06:35

Well, that was an explosive conclusion to the action. Nice work lads.

Magi84 Wed 03-Nov-21 21:06:43

This battlefield looks like it has been a disaster. Athos taking risks are the Musketeers on their ow? (Thanks for the thread ilove)

Magi84 Wed 03-Nov-21 21:07:23

Gosh we finished that thread quickly

Rhubarb01 Wed 03-Nov-21 21:07:28

Can you imagine pitching a tent to overlook the battle?

Ilovelblue Wed 03-Nov-21 21:08:11

Ah here comes Aramis the monk? He doesn't really look like a monk. Is he the Maria von Trapp of the Musketeer world? Who are all the children?

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Rhubarb01 Wed 03-Nov-21 21:08:13

Look who's in this series - it's Corporal Geddings from the original OG Pilot.

Magi84 Wed 03-Nov-21 21:08:53

Oh look here is Aramis a monk

eejittwo Wed 03-Nov-21 21:08:58

Aramis in monk’s robes.
If only the wee laddie knew.

Rhubarb01 Wed 03-Nov-21 21:09:12

So, having stuck fast to his vow after the Queen and Dauphin were spared, Aramis has taken holy orders and is doing good works.

Magi84 Wed 03-Nov-21 21:09:41

Yes Corporal Geddings is a baddie I think

Rhubarb01 Wed 03-Nov-21 21:10:29

Is Corporal Geddings a baddie in this series? He is dressed in black which is never a good sign.

Rhubarb01 Wed 03-Nov-21 21:11:10

Yep, Paris is looking the same as usual. I bet you'd love to be there having a brawl D'Art.

eejittwo Wed 03-Nov-21 21:11:19

I always wanted a wee cameo from Viggo Mortensen who, in a film about a Spanish musketeer-equivalent, died in this battle…

Rhubarb01 Wed 03-Nov-21 21:11:59

Constance is wearing her dominatrix garb in all that leather and studwork.

Magi84 Wed 03-Nov-21 21:12:04

Madam D'Artagnan .... sounds good doesn't it

Rhubarb01 Wed 03-Nov-21 21:14:41

Oh, this looks bad. It's an ambush and the children are witnessing it. I fear Aramis won't be able to stay out of this now.

eejittwo Wed 03-Nov-21 21:14:42

Aramis nerves of steel.

eejittwo Wed 03-Nov-21 21:16:46

Tend you beard as another might a rose bush

Ilovelblue Wed 03-Nov-21 21:17:17

I rather like Captain Treville's new outfit! Very fetching.

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Rhubarb01 Wed 03-Nov-21 21:17:30

Oh dear, the abbot is too trusting. I like that "You tend your beard as others would a rose bush!"

Still a bit of a dandy!

Magi84 Wed 03-Nov-21 21:17:54

On the Abbot has given us a clue to time scale. He mentions it being a few years that Aramis has been there

Rhubarb01 Wed 03-Nov-21 21:18:51

Rupert Everett looks like Richard III doesn't he in that outfit.

Rhubarb01 Wed 03-Nov-21 21:19:22

Wars took a long time in those days - and not much better in modern times either.

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