Coronation Street - NO SPOILERS! RIP Jonny Connor; and also Natasha (she too is a goner); and will Roy’s lies cost him his honour?

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WomanStanleyWoman Sun 31-Oct-21 01:06:04

New thread. I would link from the old one, but it got filled up with… well, I’m sure you can see.

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WomanStanleyWoman Sun 31-Oct-21 01:08:38

@WomanStanleyWoman You should be ashamed of yourself for using that term in this day & age....

I’m right here if you have something to say to me about using a term used by several others on the same thread smile

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ChildOfFriday Sun 31-Oct-21 07:23:51

Thanks for the new thread @WomanStanleyWoman. Great title as always smile

Clawdy Sun 31-Oct-21 08:30:37

Checking in!

Magicalwoodlands Sun 31-Oct-21 09:03:51


@WomanStanleyWoman is as necessary to the Corrie threads as Ken is to the street!

Akire Sun 31-Oct-21 09:06:53

Thanks for new thread. Let’s hope there is justice for Seb and prison for Corey although don’t fancy seeing Kelly’s face hanging around. Plus if they have new foster child she have to move!

Magicalwoodlands Sun 31-Oct-21 09:13:22

I still think Kelly is as guilty as Corey.


eggandonion Sun 31-Oct-21 10:05:28

Shes not innocent, but not as guilty, if that makes sense. Seb could have beaten her off, but Corey was big and fit.
Im still upset about Natasha. She was a successful single parent, and very good at incorporating Nick into her family. Did she have other relatives, will there be legal disputes?

JacquelineCarlyle Sun 31-Oct-21 12:15:11

I'm gutted about Natasha - Corrie never lets anyone do well for themselves in life. Anyone who has gone to grammar or private school or uni always turns out badly, or anyone who arrives with a decent career / money always ends up throwing it all away or somehow losing it all.

They also like to kill off mums - just so annoying! I know they kill off dads too, but the number of motherless children on the street is ridiculous!

JacquelineCarlyle Sun 31-Oct-21 12:15:56

I agree @Magicalwoodlands, so I hope she stays in prison and Corey goes to prison too.

RachelHasThoseInBurgundy Sun 31-Oct-21 12:19:22

Another one gutted about Natasha. She was a successful single mum raising a lovely boy who dances to his own beat. Now he’s left with grimace and groan. hmm

DahliaMacNamara Sun 31-Oct-21 12:50:45

Ah, there you are. I was tempted to start a new thread last night, but found I didn't have @WomanStanleyWoman's panache with the rhyming title.

WomanStanleyWoman Sun 31-Oct-21 13:45:52

They also like to kill off mums - just so annoying! I know they kill off dads too, but the number of motherless children on the street is ridiculous!

I wonder if there’s an element of ‘A mother wouldn’t leave her kids’ thinking behind it - so if the actress wants to leave, but they don’t want to lose the whole family, they kill mum off. It’s stereotyping, but I suppose it comes from a realistic place - there are a lot more kids who don’t live with their dads than who don’t live with their mums.

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Housewife2010 Sun 31-Oct-21 15:26:38


I still think Kelly is as guilty as Corey.

How is Kelly as guilty as Corey? She bullied Seb & Nina. She started the physical bullying by slapping Nina across the face. She chased after them. But, Corey is the one who repeatedly kicked Seb in the head and killed him, whilst Kelly realised it had gone too far and begged Corey to stop.

eggandonion Sun 31-Oct-21 15:42:27

She needs a good long time away in jail, Corey needs life. I wish someone would let Faye out though, or at least visit her. She must be sad about Seb.
Maybe Natasha has a twin sister, and can return.

JacquelineCarlyle Sun 31-Oct-21 15:42:42

IMHO, she started it and egged him on and then only stopped when it went too far. She also ran away and didn't call the police and if she's told the truth from the start, the pain and anguish wouldn't have been prolonged and nor would Corey have walked free. She might not have dealt the killer blow, but she definitely participated and therefore deserves her punishment.

Don't get me wrong, Corey should be punished even more severely than Kelly, but she deserves the punishment she's gotten.

JacquelineCarlyle Sun 31-Oct-21 15:43:41

That's true @eggandonion - I'd forgotten about Faye and she'd have been devastated about Seb. Has the actress left altogether?

eggandonion Sun 31-Oct-21 15:58:38

Poor wee forgotten Faye sad

Magicalwoodlands Sun 31-Oct-21 16:34:40

@Housewife2010 - she instigated the whole thing and then instead of calling an ambulance for Seb let him die?

It actually really annoys me the way she is presented as a miscarriage of justice.

RachelHasThoseInBurgundy Sun 31-Oct-21 16:38:21

It actually really annoys me the way she is presented as a miscarriage of justice.

Me too. I think Corrie handled this storyline appallingly. It’s shouldn’t have been about the drama of who will go down. It should have been about all the guilty parties being recognised for their part and receiving appropriate justice.

Corrie made it into a case of Corey V Kelly. Which it never was. They are both on the same side.

Housewife2010 Sun 31-Oct-21 16:43:26

Kelly did instigate it and run away, but did she beat them up?

eggandonion Sun 31-Oct-21 16:47:20

Were eli and the others tried? Tracey, who walloped whatshisname to death, was eventually let out on a technicality.
We can't go through that again.

RachelHasThoseInBurgundy Sun 31-Oct-21 16:51:14


Kelly did instigate it and run away, but did she beat them up?

Well we don’t know- because both Kelly and Corey were saying they didn’t kick him and the other did but how would you know? Ninas memory was of Corey kicking him but she didn’t witness it all so she could have missed Kelly kicking him.

RachelHasThoseInBurgundy Sun 31-Oct-21 16:51:52

Apparently Eli and other boy were tired separately, not shown on screen.

Magicalwoodlands Sun 31-Oct-21 18:37:10

Kelly assaulted Nina and joined in running after Nina and Seb, intimidating them and laughing her head off as she did so.

She was an instigator. If she hadn’t been there, none of the subsequent events would have happened.

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