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Blondeshavemorefun Fri 29-Oct-21 19:25:44

New drama on weekly for 5w

When a working class university student Hannah goes missing , then
Olive make an unexpected arrest of fellow student Tabitha

but she comes from a very wealthy family so the cps tread lightly

DI Paula Cassidy is convinced of her guilt

Duty solicester Cleo Robert’s fights for Tabitha as she doesn’t want her wealthy dad helping her {not sure why not}

As the police charge Tabitha , has she been false accused or is she really a calculated killer ………

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Clawdy Sun 21-Nov-21 22:26:46

It all got a bit confusing for me tonight - names and faces I didn't recognise or remember!

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 21-Nov-21 23:17:32

I thought tonight e4 was really boring

Nothing seemed to have happened

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MaMaLa321 Tue 23-Nov-21 14:33:55

Better than Vigil (setting the bar low) but made me really nostalgic for Line of Duty.
The solicitor just looks out of place i.e. beautifully (and expensively) dressed, always immaculate, and gorgeous. And how does she afford that flat? It would be so much better if she looked ordinary, like her business partner.
And what's with the bald policewoman/man. Mac? Do they have any significant purpose in the plot, other than stand around looking weird?
I've just seen episode 2, and will watch the rest, but it seems a bit daft, and heavily signposted that Talitha will turn out to be misunderstood.

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 23-Nov-21 19:41:38

I don’t think she did it

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colouringindoors Wed 24-Nov-21 22:09:01

Loved it. Talitha and Cleo actresses were brilliant.

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 28-Nov-21 08:51:45

Last one tonight. Again I’m at work so will either download and watch before work or start it 15mins later tonight

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butterpuffed Sun 28-Nov-21 19:30:08


Loved it. Talitha and Cleo actresses were brilliant.

I agree, they're both excellent, looking forward to tonight's conclusion.

I think maybe Talitha actually did it but will get away with it. I'm normally wrong though grin

RJnomore1 Sun 28-Nov-21 22:05:19

Oh I don’t know what to think!!

Clawdy Sun 28-Nov-21 22:31:52

Ambiguous ending, I guess. That line " We fooled them!" And the lawyer looked rather uneasy in the final shot. I don't think we'll ever know! Very well-acted, and nice to have a drama with so few famous faces.

UglyModernWindows Sun 28-Nov-21 22:54:05

My thoughts… Talitha was big mouthed but didn’t come across as someone who lies. Dylan on the other hand was a weak and completely wet.
Mind you, if he was acting alone, how come he got the body in the bin?

Well all I know is that Cleo needs her own spin off show!! She’s very watchable.

Blondeshavemorefun Sun 28-Nov-21 23:05:19

Grrrrrrr so we don’t actually know

I hoped we would have seen Thr murder scene so even if T said we fooled them we would have known if she was lying or not

Tho to be honest. He lies

She didn’t

So I don’t think she did it

But we will never know ffs

Hate endings like this

I want to know

Will go and have a read of spoiler thread Tom

Need to feed baby now

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LadyEloise1 Sun 28-Nov-21 23:54:38

I hate ambiguous endings. sad
Great acting from Talitha and Cleo.

Platax Mon 29-Nov-21 23:41:38

I don't think Talitha was guilty. The slam dunk was the fact that the police found no trace of her in Hannah's flat - if they were having a torrid sex session surely there would have been DNA samples all over the place. Even if they didn't, she would still have left fingerprints, hairs etc. In those circumstances it's quite surprising that they even prosecuted.

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 30-Nov-21 14:32:43

True @Platax

There would be something of T there

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friedeggandsauce Sat 11-Dec-21 20:37:45

I'm late to this and absolutely loved it!

I'm now a bit in love with Cleo, beautiful and intelligent and knew how to handle that family too.

Like others I'd like to know for sure what happened!!!!

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