Shetland is back - BBC1

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wetpants Wed 20-Oct-21 21:24:28

Anyone watching? I love this series and fancy Perez grin He seems to have some extra timber on him.. I don’t like him in a suit, much prefer a fishermans knitted jumper on him..

Where were we left when the last series ended? Did he get together with someone? Someone who seemed to have shady motives? I can’t remember!

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MissAmbrosia Wed 20-Oct-21 21:26:04

Yay! I loved the books and felt bereft when I read them all. Jimmy is not all as described by Anne Cleeve though.

Notonthestairs Wed 20-Oct-21 21:59:41

I love this series - the landscape is extraordinary. And I like Douglas Henshall as Jimmy Perez.

I tried to find the last series to recap but there is no sign of it on the BBC iplayer, I guess they put it on Britbox.

SunshineInMySprocket Wed 20-Oct-21 22:01:01

Argh was so annoyed to have only caught the last 10 mins. Will have to watch properly tomorrow!

MissAmbrosia Wed 20-Oct-21 22:09:54


I love this series - the landscape is extraordinary. And I like Douglas Henshall as Jimmy Perez.

I tried to find the last series to recap but there is no sign of it on the BBC iplayer, I guess they put it on Britbox.

After reading all the books in a binge session, I wanted to move there. DH isn't keen.

wetpants Wed 20-Oct-21 22:35:22

I haven’t read the books. But I’ve been wanting to visit Shetland a long time. My ideal holiday is a remote croft somewhere in Shetland. By myself grin

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Watchingyou2sleezes Wed 20-Oct-21 23:06:23

Henshall looks like he's got a fondness for the pop when he's between jobs.

Thought the scene with the new Pro. Fiscal was excruciatingly bad- as if it was written for 8 year olds.


FlatteredFool Wed 20-Oct-21 23:24:43

A bit stilted I thought. I binge watched the previous seasons and did enjoy tonight but it's not hooked me like it normally does.

Roundlampshade Wed 20-Oct-21 23:27:11

I felt that they’ve gone back to the feel of the first couple of series rather than the scandi noir feel of the last two series.

OllyBJolly Wed 20-Oct-21 23:29:11

Thought it was the best start of a series yet! Loved it.

longtompot Thu 21-Oct-21 11:34:32

So pleased this is back. Jimmy seems to be talking even slower though. It feels an interesting case and look forward to it unfolding over the coming weeks.
I agree @FlatteredFool it did feel a little bit stilted. I think it might have been due to COVID rules and keeping apart. It was odd him not hugging his daughter after the funeral, but patted Sandy on the back.

longtompot Thu 21-Oct-21 11:38:16

@Notonthestairs Just found this on Radio Times website

"Perez soon realised that Alice, the new woman in Shetland that he had fallen in love with during the series, was behind the trafficking ring on the island after McGuire was informed of the police’s attempt to lure him out of the shadows. It is then discovered that Alice’s husband Chris had accrued debts which meant he was blackmailed into people trafficking and Zezi is found in a cottage on Unst that Chris was renovating."

Mydogisagentleman Thu 21-Oct-21 16:40:49

Just watched the first episode ever.
I really enjoyed it, although I did think that it would be a self contained episode and couldn’t work out how the whole thing would be wound up in an hour

longtompot Thu 21-Oct-21 17:01:13

I was thinking of watching them from the start too @Mydogisagentleman

Notonthestairs Thu 21-Oct-21 18:46:31

Thank @longtompot - I had completely forgotten most of that blush

Mydogisagentleman Fri 22-Oct-21 05:57:16

Sorry, for clarity, the first episode of this series!

longtompot Fri 22-Oct-21 12:58:12

Oh, ahhaha! Gotcha!

shrugshrug Sat 23-Oct-21 08:34:23

I'm watching it. Shetland looks gorgeous. I'd love to visit.
I do like Douglas Henshall smile

Clawdy Sun 24-Oct-21 09:14:01

Glad it is back, thought Douglas looks older now though. Love Mark Bonnar.

ChoccyJules Sun 24-Oct-21 09:21:11

I couldn’t decided the daughter was the same actress or not (but not bothered enough to look it up!). I actually let out a little cheer when I saw Sandy was back, I like the character …and his accent.

Maireas Sun 24-Oct-21 09:55:43

Sandy has a Shetland accent, doesn't he? - he played Perez in the radio series.
I'm a bit confused. What was that submarine thing all about?

NewModelArmyMayhem18 Sun 24-Oct-21 10:09:56

The guy on the submarine kept in isolation for whatever reason (to do with the bends?) is the same one whose drone was flying over Shetland (and filming) when the murder victim was gunned down in his house (when we saw his daughter on the phone to him - she heard the shooting). So he had possibly evidence of who was responsible but I think the drone has now been thrown into the sea by the night-time intruder.

Maireas Sun 24-Oct-21 10:14:22

Thank you. I wasn't sure if he was the man with the drone. I think it wasn't clear at first where he was or what was happening.
He obviously got that threatening note with his food, then someone tampered with the decompression chamber.
There's a lot of people with motives to kill Galbraith.

Kinraddie Sun 24-Oct-21 12:03:40

I was confused about who threw away the drone at night. I thought it was the drone-man's wife/partner? Or was it the intruder?

Maireas Sun 24-Oct-21 12:12:12

It must have been the intruder, who broke into the garage to get evidence from the drone.

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