Please recommend good documentaries

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Firesidefox Tue 12-Oct-21 13:13:25

Can anyone recommend me a good documentary?

I loved The Dawn Wall, Wild, Wild Country, The Staircase, Making a Murderer, Fyre, and Tell Me Who I Am.

Any recs v welcome!

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Cruiser11 Tue 12-Oct-21 15:40:54

Three Identical Strangers.

Firesidefox Tue 12-Oct-21 16:01:58

Thank you - I haven't heard of that one. Will look it up.

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Cruiser11 Tue 12-Oct-21 16:08:23

It’s about a set of triplets who grew up in separate households. I found it fascinating.

absolutelynotfabulous Tue 12-Oct-21 18:13:50

I love Air Crash Investigation (National Geographic).
Also Inside 9/11 if you can get hold of the complete version.
Just watching the Epstein one on Netflix.
World at War must be one of the best documentaries ever.
Not keen on the Netflix ones as a rule.
At the moment enjoying Brown/Blair on BBC.
So many to enjoy (I generally prefer documentaries to drama).

Beamur Tue 12-Oct-21 18:15:11

Behind the curve
My Octopus teacher (or something similar?)

Standrewsschool Tue 12-Oct-21 18:17:17

Last night there was a programme on to about an ex- footballer and his gambling addiction. It was really interesting..


Firesidefox Tue 12-Oct-21 21:59:31

Thanks all. The triplets one sounds great, as do all the suggestions actually.

I have also enjoyed the octopus one and am also enjoying the Blair/Brown one, but I have to watch that with DH as he loves it too.

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LadyEggs Tue 12-Oct-21 22:06:13

'Don't f**k with cats' on Netflix is very good. Its not as upsetting as it first appears.

GCAcademic Tue 12-Oct-21 22:13:55

Daughters of Destiny of Netflix. It’s about a boarding school in India for girls from very impoverished backgrounds.

Hopeisallineed Tue 12-Oct-21 22:15:27

Grey Gardens. All time favourite.

Taswama Tue 12-Oct-21 22:15:46

The Shipman files (iPlayer).

TheCategoryIs Tue 12-Oct-21 22:32:32

Murder At The Cottage
Murder By The Coast
Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s Shadow
The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty
The Wimbledon Kidnapping
Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind
Challenger: The Final Flight
Grenfell: The Untold Story (bit premature, this story will run for years, plenty more to tell)
The Trump Show (not so topical now)

I watch documentaries almost exclusively, especially disaster and crime, these are some which have stuck with me.

Firesidefox Wed 13-Oct-21 14:44:14

Loved the triplets one thank you @Cruiser11 !

Will start on some of the others tomorrow (I am off work for a bit so need to watch telly while I can).

Thanks all

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Piapiano Wed 13-Oct-21 14:48:58

Love on the spectrum (Netflix). It's really heartwarming.

Cruiser11 Wed 13-Oct-21 18:03:06

Pleased you enjoyed it!

Leftbutcameback Wed 13-Oct-21 18:06:20

I really liked Rockfield - if you were in your teens in the 90s it’s very evocative. About the studio where lots of bands went to record albums, in the countryside

Thecurtainsofdestiny Wed 13-Oct-21 18:07:43

The Investigator

GingerRuby Wed 13-Oct-21 18:52:00

Celebrity a 21st century story is still on I player and I really enjoyed it

Cruiser11 Wed 13-Oct-21 18:54:46

My DS watched Operation Varsity Blues about American college admissions I think and said it was very good.

iwanttobeonleave Wed 13-Oct-21 18:55:25


Three Identical Strangers.

This is amazing

FuzzyPuffling Wed 13-Oct-21 19:06:11

Anything by Simon Reeve. Travel, but definitely different.

Topbird29 Wed 13-Oct-21 20:27:02

Free solo is good - about a climber and his obsession climbing a particular rock. Gives a good insight into how he thought

Topbird29 Wed 13-Oct-21 20:27:40

And I love Simon reeve

FuzzyPuffling Wed 13-Oct-21 20:37:52


And I love Simon reeve

Have you read his autobiography, "Step By Step"? I loved that too.

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