Ruby, Ruby, Ruby…MIC’s back

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Lightisnotwhite Mon 11-Oct-21 22:09:19

Whew. The countries going to pot but the posh ones are unwavering. They always look at their best after a bit of a summer holiday.

Miles, no ones falling for it. But yo, is that Moanie about to be single (ish) again?

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ElizabethTudor Tue 12-Oct-21 20:24:40

Aga - found a MIC thread, hurrah.
I’ve just started watching last nights episode, so will comment after. I just wanted to see if there was a thread. 👍🏻

ElizabethTudor Tue 12-Oct-21 20:24:59

Aha, not bloody aga FFS!

sweatervest Tue 12-Oct-21 21:20:56

aga (love that!!) i too am over the moon (whether or not it's made of cheese) that mic is back.

i love sophie. i wish she'd stayed with tom zanetti though.
i'm sure maeva and james are still together in real life (i am trying to remember) but i bloody love sw3 and all their doings.

miles is just the entertainer imo
also ollie and gareth i find reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly irritating. or maybe that's just how they deliver their lines. i mean conversation. conversation.

ElizabethTudor Tue 12-Oct-21 22:11:42

I agree re Ollie and Gareth. I find they both seem really insincere.
I find Maeva really bloody irritating too.
I agree - Sophie is ace, as is Fred.
I am very pleased with the return of MIC.
It hasn’t let me down, unlike TOWIE (I’ve finally given up on that)

user1471604848 Tue 12-Oct-21 22:50:21

I love MIC!

I think Miles is facially gorgeous, but you wouldn't trust him for a second. If I was 20, I'm sure I'd fall for his charms though!

I like Liv, interesting that Digby is back.
I like Maeva too, but I can't take the relationship with James seriously, and I don't think she ever got over Miles.
I wonder why Sophie H and Fredrick never dated, since they get on so well.
I think Ruby was horrible to Inga last series.
I don't remember the guy who was brought in to date Paris, but apparently he was on MIC previously.
Can't wait for next week!

SuperCaliFragalistic Tue 12-Oct-21 23:00:03

Yah! Love a bit of MIC, my guilty pleasure. Looking forward to catching up. I presume Miles ran a mile as soon as Ruby was actually single? Sad she made such a tit out of herself fawning over him but Reza was a twat so nothing lost really. She's going to be big this series.


ElizabethTudor Tue 12-Oct-21 23:05:29

I’m fairly sure that Angus fella came in at the same time as Amelia. Maybe he was Amelia’s friend come to think of it.
Sophie H and Fred did go on at least one date. But it didn’t go anywhere.

Notmulan Thu 14-Oct-21 23:34:39

I feel I should’ve outgrown it...but I haven’t . It’s amazing. James “I love you and I’ll do anything to keep this relationship ticking over “ ticking over?? She’s not a profit and loss sheet at a carpet store. Freddie and Sophie are a hoot

Lightisnotwhite Mon 18-Oct-21 22:08:30

Ha ha Ha. Maevas back.

It must be the French accent. No one else could get away with her blatant stirring.

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ElizabethTudor Mon 18-Oct-21 22:46:21

I’m up to Maeva on the bench. Quite frankly I’d tell her to fuck off back to France. The histrionic tit.

user1471543094 Tue 19-Oct-21 20:32:20

Maeva is being awful. Although hardly surprising, she's never really got over Miles. And it's not the first time she's implied that James is a bit disappointing in the sack.

Paris + whatshisname = who cares

Don't remember Digby being so hot!

ElizabethTudor Tue 19-Oct-21 20:49:32

Oh no @user1471543094
I have to disagree re Digby!
Not hot. Was never hot!

Lightisnotwhite Tue 19-Oct-21 20:55:00

I’ve always thought Liv has a Tilda Swanton air about her.
So dull listening to her talk through with her exes why they made her feel bad and shouldn’t bring new dates to things. Like she wouldn’t bring a hot date to a party in similar circumstances.
Digby is less wet.
Poor Verity. Julius is so cringe it’s like watching a dating guide from the 70’s. Yuck yuck yuck.

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JudyGemstone Tue 19-Oct-21 20:57:39

Finally got a free evening to catch up with MIC when no-ones watching!

This Angus fella looks too short to be a model. Not sure he’ll be into Paris, he seems rather wholesome and she has something of the night about her. In a good way. Sort of.

I was flying the flag for new grown up James last series, having previously hated him. Maeva is hard to take seriously to be fair.

Miles is charming but just a ten a penny fuckboy really, it’s cringe to see all the girls constantly falling for his shit.

TheOccupier Tue 19-Oct-21 21:51:13

Love how James is not taking any of Maeva's crap!

The new Canadian girl has such a shiny face, I can't not notice it.

I know Paris is a proper fashion model but she looked scarily thin in the red dress. Digby seems to have wasted away as well - I remember him being a lot more buff.

I could do without the pointless storyline of Olivia and Inga's kiss. In fact I could do without Inga altogether - I find her very dull and don't like the way her hair and skin are the same colour.

Fi1982 Tue 19-Oct-21 22:29:47

The new Canadian woman looks like a Wayan brother in his White Chicks prosthetic make up to me. I love Tristan (not a popular opinion I know!), he looked lovely in his specs. Channelling a hot Egon Spengler vibe there. Love his ‘abysmal chat’.

I switched off for a couple of years so not aware of Digby and Liv’s past but recognise his name. He’s just another Julius type to me, melted plimsoll face and full of cringey chat. Glad the dreadful Verity is stuck with Julius this series. He’s even worse than that handy man she had a Lady Chatterley moment with in the lockdown holiday home!

Miles looks ever more ridiculous with his Johnny Bravo body and tiny head, Maeva’s had something done to her face, it’s not egg shaped anymore. She needs to put it back the way it was. I like James and find his openness about his low sex drive refreshingly honest in these prurient times 🤣 the chap sniffing around Paris seems more like Mark Francis’s type IMO.

Fi1982 Tue 19-Oct-21 22:31:55

Agree with many OP and PP points apart from any that paint Digby as anything other than repulsive!

Fi1982 Tue 19-Oct-21 22:34:33

Also really not a fan of surrogacy and was interested to see it was shown in brutal candour. I was feeling sorry for the woman involved rather than the lads though, which I don’t think was the angle E4 were going for. I do like Gareth and Ollie, I wish they would look at adoption though. Far less ethically dodgy.

Mustangsallyis Wed 20-Oct-21 16:03:35

I was trying to figure out what was different about Harvey and I think it's his teeth. He doesn't quite seem to have got to grips with them yet!

Doje Wed 20-Oct-21 16:29:07

I bloody love Maeva. I mean, in real life I'd obviously steer well clear of her, but every time she's on screen she makes me laugh.

Love Fred and Sophie too. The rest are a bit 'meh' or actively irritating.

sweatervest Thu 21-Oct-21 19:28:08

ooooooooooooooooooooh. this thread has reminded me. where IS mark francis??
maybe he's slunk out of the back door.
ruby and rez had dinner with sam and zara the other night. oooh. i WISH i'd bumped into them. (not that i was in the salt bae restaurant the other night or any night)

verity is so pretty but julius is disgusting (imo)
i am not a fan of harvey or james or tristan or digby. not that that ruins my viewing.

i can't really see the point of any of the people in mic but it's my favourite programme ever and i wish they had a mic bus tour of chelsea and places as i could do with seeing everything in one swoop.

ElizabethTudor Thu 21-Oct-21 22:38:05

Good point re Mark Francis. I do hope he hasn’t buggered off.

Missusblusky1 Tue 26-Oct-21 07:08:48

Anyone see last nights episode?

FinallySomeNormality Tue 26-Oct-21 07:17:43


Anyone see last nights episode?

Yes! Me!!!

Maeva is just such a game player! Surely that's all stage produced? I mean, real people don't go around acting like a bad actor from a low budget soap opera do they? A comedy villain?

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