The Larkins - Sunday night reboot of Sunday night The Darling Buds of May

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MacMahon Sun 10-Oct-21 20:09:43

What do we think?

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MissBattleaxe Sun 10-Oct-21 20:11:32

I saw the trailer and I just can't think why they did a reboot. The original one was brilliant.

Mrspimplepopper Sun 10-Oct-21 20:12:23

Ma larkin is cast well

AutumnOrange Sun 10-Oct-21 20:12:34

I am enjoying it so far. A nice gentle Sunday night programme that doesn’t need much thought.

AmDillDandin Sun 10-Oct-21 20:13:03

I'm liking it so far.

mum2jakie Sun 10-Oct-21 20:13:15

Only seen the trailer but the casting seems spot on. Loved loved loved the original!

AutumnOrange Sun 10-Oct-21 20:13:41

Ma Larkin is fabulous! Very Pam Ferris like.
I think the others will bed in well fairly soon


MacMahon Sun 10-Oct-21 20:14:49

A nice gentle Sunday night programme that doesn’t need much thought.

Yeah, it's bright, sunny and make believe 1950s. I'm glad they're not over doing the accents.

Didn't realise Ma was whatshername from that police drama on C4.

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1AngelicFruitCake Sun 10-Oct-21 20:15:22

Thanks for this I’ve been rewatching the original after realising they were doing this. I love the original so much, can’t imagine anyone else but David Jason and Pam Ferris together (those two in the bath!)

MacMahon Sun 10-Oct-21 20:15:54

Makes me think that a Famous Five reboot would be great for a Sunday evening family viewing too.

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ANameChangeAgain Sun 10-Oct-21 20:15:54

It'll probably be a grower, but I'm finding it a bit flat at the moment. It would have been better to come up with a new family in a similar era and setting to avoid the inevitable comparison.

toomuchlaundry Sun 10-Oct-21 20:16:00

Never saw the original series. Enjoying it so far

MyCatEatsPrawnCrackers Sun 10-Oct-21 20:16:24

The Ma Larkin actress is just doing a Pam Ferris impression.

Thesearmsofmine Sun 10-Oct-21 20:18:22

I’ve only seen the advert but might watch the programme one day this week. Catherine Zeta Jones was just so beautiful in the original.

BobaFettOnMyBedsideTable Sun 10-Oct-21 20:18:24

Oh I don't know about this. Very fond memories of settling down to watch this as a family on a Sunday night. Not sure anyone can replace David Jason, Pam Ferris and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Recognise the Marriette character from Poldark, oh and wasn't she in Bridgerton too?

Redpriestandmozart Sun 10-Oct-21 20:22:58

Ham into the oven, out comes a goose!

Enjoying it so far, I do remember the original.

1AngelicFruitCake Sun 10-Oct-21 20:23:38

I can’t watch it, I’m back on itv player watching the original.
-the way Pop cheers up Edith 😄
-Charlie and his awkwardness
-the way the children look nothing like each other
- Ma and all her cooking… I love it all!

StormyCornishSeas Sun 10-Oct-21 20:25:34

This is absolute drivel, and my bar is pretty low and like most stuff of this ilk

youngestisapsycho Sun 10-Oct-21 20:27:54

Wasn’t the original on BBC?

Sittinginthesand Sun 10-Oct-21 20:29:12

Watched a bit, it mainly reminded me how good the original was. Seemed completely pointless remake as it’s exactly the same but with other people and weirdly crisp filming, too stark somehow in hd. And mariette wasn’t beautiful enough (sorry new actress, you are lovely but czj was otherworldly).

MacMahon Sun 10-Oct-21 20:30:24

Wasn’t the original on BBC? No, we weren't allowed to watch it, which makes me suspect it was on ITV.

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thenightsky Sun 10-Oct-21 20:31:05

Not a patch on the original.

MissBattleaxe Sun 10-Oct-21 20:31:37

No, it was always on ITV if you're thinking of the early 90s version. God it was brilliant. I've re-watched it no end of times. Pure comfort telly and the kind of casting that just gelled perfectly. CZJ was stunning and the supporting cast was amazing too. I loved Angela Snow!

MacMahon Sun 10-Oct-21 20:33:47

Who is playing the vicar?

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DollieBantrysPantry Sun 10-Oct-21 20:35:26

Peter Davison

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