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mrssunshinexxx Wed 06-Oct-21 14:49:53

Anyone watch ? I don't know why I do because her parenting does my head in buy every series here I am!

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ScienceSensibility Wed 06-Oct-21 23:32:18

It’s a ‘hate’ watch for me! Absolutely awful parenting and whilst I feel sorry for Sunday I would find her very unpleasant to be around.
I think the dynamic between the two of them is so toxic, you can see Sunday is protesting with every fibre of her being, how unhappy she is, this leads to some really awful behaviour.

I really despair that people like Ferne are able to monetise their child whilst simultaneously causing harm which will probably require therapy!

She’s a crashing dim bore as well - has she ever had an original thought?

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Thu 07-Oct-21 00:54:49

Oh me too, every bloody series.

I quite like the fact she sees Sunday as an individual but seriously it's SO obvious what she wants/needs (nanny Jill in most cases!)

mrssunshinexxx Thu 07-Oct-21 01:44:28

@ScienceSensibility @MrsPelligrinoPetrichor couldn agree more there's some
Real damage being done but I also think there are parts of Sunday that is just pure brat. But being shoved in front o me cameras since being a baby isn't really ideal or normal but Ferne is so bloody soft with her everything is such a big deal ! The mummy diaries started again tonight will give that another dabble tomorrow grin

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Gemma2019 Thu 07-Oct-21 01:56:27

Yeah I've watched every episode - goodness knows why. I love her house and the beautiful surroundings but oh my god she takes herself so seriously, and her parenting is something else. I gave up on the Mummy Diaries as it all started to get a bit ridiculous and who could waste the most money in each episode but I might give the new series a go.

mrssunshinexxx Thu 07-Oct-21 02:16:50

@Gemma2019 yeah I want to see what it's like now it's just Billie and Greg

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sweatervest Thu 07-Oct-21 22:50:21

i love the programme and i freeze the outside of her house as apparently the gc lives next door in the barn conversion (i heard that on here).

plus the billie and greg programme is like it's been speeded up. nellie is so grown up (stating the bloody obvious that i am) and their new house is epic (also the obvious stating)


mrssunshinexxx Thu 07-Oct-21 22:56:22

@sweatervest there new house is going to be lovely and OTT but I found it pretty dull?

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sweatervest Sun 10-Oct-21 12:19:45

it is dulll but no doubt there will be a drip feed for when sam and big paul (like big tescos?) are in it.
plus i wonder how much rent they're charging sue to live in their old house??!?!!?

mrssunshinexxx Sun 10-Oct-21 17:34:54

@sweatervest I wondered that. It's a big house for just her ?!

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RealHousewifeOfEastLondon Mon 11-Oct-21 14:18:30

OMG I have just started watching this drivel and am shocked by her parenting. The relationship which her daughter clearly felt sidelined by, the threatening to call Father Christmas and the police shock But most of all get the cameras out of her face and maybe her behaviour will change!!!

RealHousewifeOfEastLondon Tue 12-Oct-21 13:05:09

I can't stop watching this! And I take the above back as it actually got even worse! The trip to Cornwall where that poor little girl was just dragged around so Ferne could get pissed with her mates! The language they used in front of her was awful. Why did she take her with them?! She didn't really do anything remotely kid friendly, except for the seal sanctuary and even then it was a chance for Ferne to show off. Then the trip to the hairdressers! It's actually shocking and I feel very sorry for that little girl. She is just desperate for her mum and some one on one attention. Although I do wonder if maybe she has some sensory issues with the not getting dressed?

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Wed 13-Oct-21 08:06:29

I think the holiday was fine, Sunday loves the 'family' they went with and they had nice times at the beach and camp fire and said she wanted to stay.

I doubt she has sensory issues, it's control and boundaries and I bet my bottom dollar a lot of the filming is done when she's over tired. Things like the party after the first day of school yesterday, it went ok but seriously risking it after a first day where she's likely to be shattered- most kids are. I think she's asking for trouble taking her on photo shoots, Nellie Sheppard used to be the same, throwing proper tantrums,usually when she'd been expected to perform like a model when she'd have been better off running round the park.

I can't remember her language being bad 😂

headinthecloudsnow Wed 13-Oct-21 19:30:13

I've just watched the last episode.

I don't understand the whole party after school thing? And it's only preschool as she's still only three? It's not even proper school!

Roarsomemore Sun 17-Oct-21 21:49:53

I've watched from the beginning. My youngest is the same age as Sunday. Can't say I watch it for Fearne, but I think Sunday is sweet. I often wonder how they manage to get Sunday's hair so neat in the French braids.

SaltedCaramelIcedLatte Sun 17-Oct-21 22:12:13

I don't understand why she is still on TV...horrible on TOWIE awful bloody mother

mrssunshinexxx Mon 18-Oct-21 07:07:17

Bribery @Roarsomemore I would guess

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RealHousewifeOfEastLondon Mon 18-Oct-21 07:50:01

I don't get the whole "school" thing either. She's three?!? Is she going to do it all again when she actually starts reception?!

On that Cornwall trip they were talking about wanking and shagging in front of Sunday! I'm also sure in one episode Sunday said bitch in a tantrum?!

RevolvingPivot Thu 21-Oct-21 15:07:49

I always watch but this series she seems so smug.

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