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OMG 'Bodies'

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pipkin Thu 11-Nov-04 12:51:58

Did anyone see 'Bodies' last night bbc2 9pm? I caught a couple of episode of this earlier in the yr on bbc3, and it's now been promoted to bbc2 - although I didn't see the first episode previously I'm assuming the whole lot is being repeated - due to what I know happens with a few of the characters. The Sunday Times did comment 'not to be watched if you're pregnant' - and that's certainly correct! Although pretty grim, it's very realistic and factual. Rather worryingly, the guy who wrote it used to be a doctor!! Help...

motherinferior Thu 11-Nov-04 12:54:24

I have to say I really enjoyed it. Gritty, plus gratuitous-ish glimpses of firm young bodies.

Am perve, no doubt.

NomDePlume Thu 11-Nov-04 12:56:24


Sallie Fri 26-Nov-04 17:47:14

Am a huge fan and having a real life crush on RL -what am I like?

honeybunny Fri 26-Nov-04 18:26:08

Love it too. And Pipkin, dont get freaked out about the medical stuff, they take it to complete extremes for the impact element. I'm due in for a CS next Friday and can't wait! Do you think the obst will start having a go about costs to tax payers and lifestyle choices etc?!!!! Then, of course, there'll be my post op infection, wound breakdown, MRSA, DVT, etc, etc!!! Good thing I'm medical, and can look on the bright side!

hana Fri 26-Nov-04 18:31:16

I loved the first 2 epidosdes, but had to turn it off the other day - I am 36 weeks preg and it was just a bit scary

Sallie Thu 02-Dec-04 16:57:43

Well - had my fix last night and watched both episodes just in case I don't get to see it next week. The birth of the baby belonging to the doctor and his wife was a bit graphic wasn't it? My dh (a hospital dr) kept saying that the prosthetics were really good but it looked real to me!!! Roll on next Wednesday although its the last episode . Hoping that the end is inconclusive, leading to the suggestion of another series . Still having a crush on MB!

WestCountryLass Thu 02-Dec-04 19:34:54

I hope there is another series too, it is pretty gripping. I don't pay much attention to the medical stuff as it is always the extreme and sometimes the 'facts' are misrepresented.

Sallie Fri 14-Jan-05 13:08:34

Does anyone know whether there is going to be another series of Bodies????

beansprout Fri 14-Jan-05 19:18:58

There is going to be another series, but not sure when. Am still recovering from the last one.

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