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Ashleighz88 Sun 03-Oct-21 00:00:15

So new year, new romance rumours!
Who do you all think is at risk this year? I think Adam and Katya

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MyBeloved Sun 03-Oct-21 00:01:33

Was thinking the very same thing earlier!

Hdhdjejdj Sun 03-Oct-21 00:01:54

How awful. He has a partner and a baby.

MajorNeville Sun 03-Oct-21 00:03:21


How awful. He has a partner and a baby.

She's absolutely gorgeous too.

Ashleighz88 Sun 03-Oct-21 00:11:05

Yeah I hope not but judging by Katyas past! And I believe he only had one tinder date and she got pregnant, then they got together.... I hope he's loyal!

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TonyThreePies Sun 03-Oct-21 00:17:15

Johannes and John, there's deffo a spark there. And Tilly and Nikita. She couldn't stop looking at him while they were talking to Claudia.

EineReiseDurchDieZeit Sun 03-Oct-21 00:20:44

If the curse is going to land its going to be John and Johannes


Hdhdjejdj Sun 03-Oct-21 00:21:30

John also has a long standing partner.

JemimaTab Sun 03-Oct-21 00:24:04

Isn’t Tilly dating Gina Da Campo’s son? But yes she was looking a bit adoringly at Nikita.

CallmeHendricks Sun 03-Oct-21 00:32:47

Please, please, PLEASE don't let it be Tom and Amy.

greenlynx Sun 03-Oct-21 00:36:39

I would say John and Johaness as well, and I think Johaness would be more interested in this than John. I don’t think it would be Adam and Katya, different vibes between them. Don’t think Nikita would risk it in his first series.

trama Sun 03-Oct-21 00:39:34


Isn’t Tilly dating Gina Da Campo’s son? But yes she was looking a bit adoringly at Nikita.

She was mooning over him but he couldn't have looked less interested in her.

JacquelineCarlyle Sun 03-Oct-21 00:41:27

I think John and Johannes too - seems to be a lot of chemistry there.

I really hope it's not Tom and Amy nor Adam and Katya nor Dan and Nadiya - not really bothered by any of the rest (although imagine Maura would go publicly nuts if Gio cheats!)

GreenTeaPingPong Sun 03-Oct-21 00:42:58

I got the impression she was looking at him more for reassurance or approval in a slightly childish way, rather than romantically.
On the other hand, John was last week looking adoringly at Johannes, but toned it down a bit this week.

GreenTeaPingPong Sun 03-Oct-21 00:43:24

By 'she' I mean Tilly.

bonfireheart Sun 03-Oct-21 00:55:37

Isn't Nikita gay?

JacquelineCarlyle Sun 03-Oct-21 01:00:39

His girlfriend has been tweeting, so I don't think so.

JasonMomoasgirlfriend Sun 03-Oct-21 01:03:51

I don't think any of the above but I think Giovanni and rose...

EineReiseDurchDieZeit Sun 03-Oct-21 01:05:31


I thought they got a bit frisky at the end of the dance.

bizzey Sun 03-Oct-21 01:10:56

I agree with GreenTeaPingPing
I got the feeling that she (Tilly) was a bit overwhelmed with it all ,and just needed his back up on the questions/interview bit .

bizzey Sun 03-Oct-21 01:12:01

Pressed post before mentioning Rose and Giovanni !

bizzey Sun 03-Oct-21 01:13:41

But Gio is very protective of his partners and I loved the way he clearly mouthed the introduction of counts to her .

bizzey Sun 03-Oct-21 01:14:56

I may not have worded that well.
His lip reading of the beats was clear .

justneedtogo Sun 03-Oct-21 01:17:29

AJ and her partner (I forget his name because he is new) have great chemistry! I vote for them.

justneedtogo Sun 03-Oct-21 01:19:04

I don't know if either of them are attached though 🤷🏽‍♀️ They would make beautiful babies!

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