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dillite Fri 01-Oct-21 21:56:04


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Dreamstate Fri 01-Oct-21 21:56:20


JaneJeffer Fri 01-Oct-21 21:56:27

Thanks dillite

dillite Fri 01-Oct-21 21:56:34

There was no new Fred so I made one

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NoCureForLove Fri 01-Oct-21 21:56:39

And what the fucking fuck is Tayah WEARING??

JasonMomoasgirlfriend Fri 01-Oct-21 21:56:39

Here comes the proposal

Tinkhasflown Fri 01-Oct-21 21:56:43

WTF is Tayah wearing? shock


Twitchynose Fri 01-Oct-21 21:56:45

Guessing she’s not on her period with that “outfit”!

dapsnotplimsolls Fri 01-Oct-21 21:56:46

Dear lord, that outfit.

dillite Fri 01-Oct-21 21:56:59

This is just fucking bullshit

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boys3 Fri 01-Oct-21 21:57:07

Hope she got paid a lot to wear that outfit. It is truly awful.

PurpleSproutingSomething Fri 01-Oct-21 21:57:10

What is that? :waves hand around:

Bananarama21 Fri 01-Oct-21 21:57:16

I just made one wasn't sure if anyone got a chance lol

Whatdoihavetodo Fri 01-Oct-21 21:57:24

He looks so nervous, wish he'd dump her but he's going to propose

MargotMoon Fri 01-Oct-21 21:57:27

Thanks @dillite I kept refreshing and couldn't work out why there were no more comments!

JaneJeffer Fri 01-Oct-21 21:57:27

If these outfits are the product placement then no wonder they warned us about them.

BrilloPaddy Fri 01-Oct-21 21:57:31

Sorry but there's no way in hell she's 25. She looks 35 and like she's had a lot of surgery..........

Twitchynose Fri 01-Oct-21 21:57:35

God I’m doing a Morag and need more wine.

GrealishHairband Fri 01-Oct-21 21:57:42

If I wore that my husband would take one look and ask incredulously ’what the frig are ye wearing?!’

dillite Fri 01-Oct-21 21:57:46

Whoever made that monstrosity should be forced to wear it for the rest of their life

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SlipperySlope99 Fri 01-Oct-21 21:57:49

Does she know her arse is out

Sunbird24 Fri 01-Oct-21 21:58:12

They’re not Cam & Jules though are they? Way less classy

inmyslippers Fri 01-Oct-21 21:58:18

Not going to ask for a baby

Whatdoihavetodo Fri 01-Oct-21 21:58:37

Omg bring me the sick bucket

Twitchynose Fri 01-Oct-21 21:58:38

Well bless him, he means it.

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