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CanofCant Fri 01-Oct-21 09:54:09

Just starting this. Judging from the trailers I will be crying and shouting at the telly in frustration before long.

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Darkchocolateandcoffee Sat 02-Oct-21 08:11:23

Is it good? Am considering going in.

Carriemac Sat 02-Oct-21 08:38:25

So good .'

Theblacksheepandme Sat 02-Oct-21 09:13:19

I have binge watched most of it. Andie MacDowell is a terrible actress but her daughter is fantastic. I am really enjoying it but it is heartbreaking to watch.

Carriemac Sat 02-Oct-21 09:34:15

Is that her actual daughter ?

Pinkflipflop85 Sat 02-Oct-21 09:40:49


Is that her actual daughter ?


Theblacksheepandme Sat 02-Oct-21 09:59:20



Carriemac Sat 02-Oct-21 10:00:37

Apple fell very far from the tree so smile

Theblacksheepandme Sat 02-Oct-21 10:00:51

Sorry that was meant for Carriemac.

IdblowJonSnow Sat 02-Oct-21 13:28:40

What's it about?

MacMahon Sat 02-Oct-21 15:09:31

I'm on episode 1, not sure I can watch this. It's unrelenting hopelessness so far.

MacMahon Sat 02-Oct-21 15:14:33

What's it about?

A young woman and her little girl escaping domestic violence in a country with no social security net.

Theblacksheepandme Sat 02-Oct-21 15:36:11

My husband doesn't like it at all. He thinks it just gets more and more depressing.

RedRiverShore Sat 02-Oct-21 18:05:08

I'm enjoying it, it's a bit slow but quite good, but DH has gone upstairs to watch some cycling, muttering about shit on TV and Strictly shit later.

teaandpastries Sat 02-Oct-21 19:21:28

2 episodes in.
Utterly brilliant. The actress is so good, unlike her mother

amy85 Sat 02-Oct-21 19:35:55

It's good but thought it would be better tbh Andie macdowell is awful

NannyR Sat 02-Oct-21 19:43:37

I think this is brilliant, it reminds me a bit of "the pursuit of happyness" with Will Smith. I'm three episodes in and hoping things are going to get better for Alex soon. The little girl who plays Maddy is gorgeous and looks like she has a great bond with Margaret Qualley.

Theblacksheepandme Sat 02-Oct-21 19:57:50

I think that little girls acting is fantastic.

sleepyhoglet Sat 02-Oct-21 21:13:04

Going to try it out.

queenofarles Sun 03-Oct-21 09:41:13

So so good!
And so heartbreaking to watch at times, the little girl is amazing so is the rich lawyer.

Girliefriendlikespuppies Sun 03-Oct-21 17:54:37

I binged watched this Ystd, thought it was fab, maddy is gorgeous.

I'm really rooting for Alex.

thinkfast Sun 03-Oct-21 18:06:02

I think Andie MacDowell is great in it.

Her daughter is also excellent. Really enjoying it so far, but yes it is on the harrowing side.

sleepyhoglet Sun 03-Oct-21 19:50:01

Only one episode in and it's harrowing

Theblacksheepandme Sun 03-Oct-21 20:45:19

I do think at times she doesn't do herself any favours and is her own worst enemy.

MacMahon Sun 03-Oct-21 21:25:55

Can you give us an example from the first episode or two?

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