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Aquarius1234 Thu 30-Sep-21 19:07:39

Ridley Road on BBC 1 starts Sunday 9pm.
Drama set in the 60s.

Ridley Road follows the fight of Jewish British people in a post-world war II London against rising Neo-Nazism.

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Snozzlemaid Thu 30-Sep-21 19:15:07

I like the look of this so will be watching.

Wallabyone Thu 30-Sep-21 20:33:36

This sounds really interesting; thank you!

GreenClock Fri 01-Oct-21 07:40:30

Looks interesting !

Boredsillyathome Fri 01-Oct-21 10:17:25

They just interviewed Tom Varey on BBC News this morning he's one of the main stars, and it sounds so interesting and a period in history I know nothing about so defo watching

TonyThreePies Fri 01-Oct-21 10:36:26

This looks good, I've set up a series link.

viques Fri 01-Oct-21 10:55:46

It has an excellent cast, including my unaccountable crush Eddie Marsan who isn’t often lured onto TV, so hope this is an indication of a strong script.


Aquarius1234 Sun 03-Oct-21 20:25:54

Looking forward to this.

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StormyCornishSeas Sun 03-Oct-21 20:27:36

Marking place. See you after the bonking animals narrated by David Attenborough show

whatsthestory123 Sun 03-Oct-21 21:16:14

im here to,love a bit of history

thenightsky Sun 03-Oct-21 21:18:41

Watching now. Are some the scenes original footage coloured in?

the80sweregreat Sun 03-Oct-21 21:19:10

One of them used to be in ' Grandmas house ' with Simon Amstall
I loved that comedy

the80sweregreat Sun 03-Oct-21 21:20:58

It's Mel Owen from Eastenders!

Aquarius1234 Sun 03-Oct-21 21:22:31

Very authentic period sets.

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colouringindoors Sun 03-Oct-21 21:37:33


colouringindoors Sun 03-Oct-21 21:38:28

Definitely looks like original footage interspersed.

the80sweregreat Sun 03-Oct-21 21:41:55

It's just a breeding ground for ex Eastenders actors

StormyCornishSeas Sun 03-Oct-21 21:43:03

The land lady was in Dr Zhivago

Hesperatum Sun 03-Oct-21 21:58:00

Does anyone notice the likenesses with the Brexit campaign?

Clawdy Sun 03-Oct-21 22:10:24

Very well-acted and gripping. Great that the main female role is not yet another well-known face.

CatherineCawood Sun 03-Oct-21 22:12:55


Does anyone notice the likenesses with the Brexit campaign?

Yes I did, let's take our country back 🙄

viques Sun 03-Oct-21 22:20:31


The land lady was in Dr Zhivago

The wonderful Rita Tushingham! A real blast from the past, she would have been able to give great style tips from the sixties as it was her hey day. It was really puzzling me because it was on the tip of my tongue, I was hoping it would come to me before the credits rolled, but it didn’t.

viques Sun 03-Oct-21 22:22:18


It's Mel Owen from Eastenders!

And Christie Watts aka Tracey Anne Oberman

WingingItSince1973 Sun 03-Oct-21 22:33:38


Definitely looks like original footage interspersed.

I thought that too

colouringindoors Sun 03-Oct-21 23:56:26

Yes the parallels with current xenophobia are striking sad

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