Anyone watch Succession

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IrishMel Wed 29-Sep-21 22:25:41

Who is your favourite characters in Succession. I thought this was one of the best shows I have seen in ages, can't wait for new season which will be out soon. Lots of great characters in it. Greg, Tom, Roman. Love to hear your take on it..

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TenPenceMix Wed 29-Sep-21 22:29:30

Shiv's my definite favourite.

ZenNudist Wed 29-Sep-21 22:31:29

They're all awful! It's hard to say who is the worst. I love this show.

Lottapianos Wed 29-Sep-21 22:33:27

I love them all! I mean, they're VILE but so watchable. I think Logan is my favourite - you're on the edge of your seat whenever he's on screen. He's so menacing, and genuinely frightening at times

Twotoesmo Wed 29-Sep-21 22:33:30

Roman. Delightfully devilishly corrupt.

Sarahlou63 Wed 29-Sep-21 22:35:41

Love and hate them all at different times (possibly excepting Greg!).

Can't wait for the new series.

Twinstudy Wed 29-Sep-21 22:36:39

Absolutely loved succession. I mean everyone in it is awful but I love Greg and Tom.

Brian Cox is a fantastic actor too. Can't wait for the next series.


Justfivemoreminutesplease Wed 29-Sep-21 22:37:03

Does anyone know when the new season starts please?
And I think Roman is my favourite….

whatnumber Wed 29-Sep-21 22:37:40

I love to hate them all!
I keep telling everyone in real life to watch it but no one has. It's just brilliant!

TeachesOfPeaches Wed 29-Sep-21 22:41:10

Roman is the best worst character. Can't believe it's written by the same person who wrote Peep Show!

IrishMel Wed 29-Sep-21 22:41:24

I love them all but they are all vile even Greg has a sneaky side and is not as stupid as he makes out. I cannot stand Shiv and the way she treated Tom on the wedding night. Loved the scene where Kendall was high and he was banging on the windows and had the showdown with his dad who is also a brilliant actor. Think it is next month new season is out. Season 2 ended brilliantly so cannot wait to see the fallout from that. So happy to see so many loved it also. As for Roman and his 'willy issues' he really comes out with great one liners. Best show seen in ages. Thanks for all your replies.

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IrishMel Wed 29-Sep-21 22:42:41

wow I cannot believe the guy who wrote Peep Show wrote this but Peep Show is one of my all time favourites also. I love the dark humour and it is just a bit mental. Thanks for that info.

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RunnerDown Wed 29-Sep-21 22:43:02

I loved it too. Have told lots of folk to watch - but no one else seems to like it.
I like Roman. But they are all great

OrtolanVeil Wed 29-Sep-21 22:44:07

I love it.
Can't believe you're surprised it's Peep Show-adjacent - loads of the lines from Succession could be spoken by Mark or Jeremy! Especially Tom's!!

Lottapianos Wed 29-Sep-21 22:44:39

'Have told lots of folk to watch - but no one else seems to like it.'

It's probably one of the most Marmite shows I've ever seen! You will either adore it and be dazzled by the writing and acting and the gleeful nastiness of it, or wonder what's so entertaining about such a horrible group of people smile

OrtolanVeil Wed 29-Sep-21 22:45:31

My skin basically crawls every time Tom & Shiv have a conversation.
Also love/hate their mum Caroline. Me & DH often say Greggisms to each other, like when he was being questioned - "If it is to be said...." instead of 'yes'.

niceberg Wed 29-Sep-21 22:46:37

Love it and keep checking if season 3 is out yet...cannot wait! Such a great end to season 2 and I cannot wait to see the fallout.

IrishMel Wed 29-Sep-21 22:48:38

Now I know same guy who wrote Peep Show it makes sense. Yes agree with what you said about Tom's lines so like Peep Show. I've also told loads to watch it, actually watched it twice and better the 2nd time. Have watched Peep Show over the years a few times. Need another thread for Peep Show as just brilliant.

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Twinstudy Wed 29-Sep-21 22:52:45


My skin basically crawls every time Tom & Shiv have a conversation.
Also love/hate their mum Caroline. Me & DH often say Greggisms to each other, like when he was being questioned - "If it is to be said...." instead of 'yes'.

DH said to me today 'i merely wish to answer in the affirmative fashion' 😄

IrishMel Wed 29-Sep-21 22:54:14

That is so cute that you and your husband do that. Greg was beyond funny when in court room and his answers. Am giggling here thinking of it. Also Kendall's rapping was great. Even though he has been through so much and he is so troubled I still think he has more of a heart than the others who just do not seem to have any feelings and are beyond spoilt it is unreal. Their mum Caroline so cold and her dinners soo yuk. The only person who annoys me in the show badly is Raina Kendall's wife. Love hearing all your favourite parts.

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DrHildegardeLanstrom Wed 29-Sep-21 22:57:58

I love it, currently forcing DP to watch it so I am ready for the next season. Roman is my favourite but I love watching Kendall too.
That first ever episode "no I don't wanna call my dad! Do you want to call your dad? You, do you want to call your dad? No? Ok so no one is going to call their dads"!

texarkana Wed 29-Sep-21 22:58:21

Kendall. Utterly flawed; strangely lovable despite some horrendous acts. I love this show like no other!

DrHildegardeLanstrom Wed 29-Sep-21 23:00:20

Yes he is a magnificent character. Almost as good as Tony Soprano

Twinstudy Wed 29-Sep-21 23:01:01

I do kind of have a soft spot for Kendall. He's a complete fuck up but agree he probably has more heart than the rest of them.

I loved Connor at the benefit when the butter was hard. It's so well written

OrtolanVeil Wed 29-Sep-21 23:02:06

"Season three will hit screens in the US on Sunday, October 17, with UK fans able to watch it on Monday, October 18 on Sky Atlantic and NOW. "

Going to sign up to Now tv just for this... ditching Netflix for a few months!

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