Hollington Drive

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youngestisapsycho Wed 29-Sep-21 21:33:59

Anyone watching?

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SydneyCarton Wed 29-Sep-21 21:38:17

Yes. So far no one seems to actually like anyone they’re married to or related to confused

Cocolapew Wed 29-Sep-21 21:39:05

I've switched off, what a miserable bunch of whispering bores

Pemba Wed 29-Sep-21 21:39:26

Yes. I like Anna MM and Rachael Stirling, but I can't work out who is who, who the couples are and who's kids are who's. Can you?

Obviously the nasty little boy (Ben?) has done something to the missing boy?

JenniferAllisonPhillipaSue Wed 29-Sep-21 21:39:34

I cannot decide whether it's been filmed / styled in a particular way to put the view on edge .... or if it's just really bad. I'm not enjoying it, but I don't know whether that's because I'm not meant to be enjoying it.

Pemba Wed 29-Sep-21 21:41:11

Oh maybe not, his teacher is hinting at the parents.

Wabola Wed 29-Sep-21 21:41:23

It's got a strange sense of foreboding.


Bingowingslikeashieldofsteel Wed 29-Sep-21 21:41:48

Ah brilliant, add in a school teacher and head who between them appear to have never had safeguarding training in their lives...

escapeyou Wed 29-Sep-21 21:41:58

It’s a bit shit. The filming in the cars is shocking.

I only continued watching after she went into her son’s bedroom and it made me jump.

escapeyou Wed 29-Sep-21 21:43:52

Also, they have a massive house with no dishwasher.

Cecillie Wed 29-Sep-21 21:44:00

The only one I can actually hear most of the time is the teacher. What’s with the bloody mumbling

Eaumyword Wed 29-Sep-21 21:44:05


Ah brilliant, add in a school teacher and head who between them appear to have never had safeguarding training in their lives...

Omg I thought that too!
So far, the only thing disturbing me is the acting.
I'd been looking forward to this one as well.
Ooh is that Barry from Brookie?!

JenniferAllisonPhillipaSue Wed 29-Sep-21 21:44:12

Ah, now I get it, they're all bonking each other.

Chickoletta Wed 29-Sep-21 21:45:06

I was looking forward to this but really disappointed.

Why is the headteacher talking like an automaton?

escapeyou Wed 29-Sep-21 21:45:45

We are vegetarian!

youngestisapsycho Wed 29-Sep-21 21:45:51

Not sure if I’m enjoying or not! Anyone know how many episodes?

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mamatoTails Wed 29-Sep-21 21:46:11

Also wondered why you'd live in a house that size and not have a dishwasher! My OH had fallen asleep, I'm not sure I'll watch any more, it's a bit dull so far.

Pemba Wed 29-Sep-21 21:46:28

I thought I recognised him, Barry Grant? He's aged well then.

Wabola Wed 29-Sep-21 21:46:46

4 episodes so not too long

JenniferAllisonPhillipaSue Wed 29-Sep-21 21:46:49

I checked, it's four episodes.

absolutelynotfabulous Wed 29-Sep-21 21:47:00

Not Barry from Brookie - Joe Nash from Line of Duty.

I can't work out whose kids are whose either.

Feels quite tense.

Pemba Wed 29-Sep-21 21:48:02

Can't be though, he'd be over 60 by now

WildFlowerBees Wed 29-Sep-21 21:48:15

Very depressing, as if we don't have enough shit going on in our everyday. Why can't we have some gentle entertainment for once why must writers these days only write dark dramas. Bring back Darling Buds of May!

StormyCornishSeas Wed 29-Sep-21 21:48:30

I'm watching Enjoying it so far.

I also was hmmat the schools safeguarding policy

Looks like a very nice area those houses are gorgeous

Pemba Wed 29-Sep-21 21:48:31

Not Barry Grant I mean

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