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Zampa Thu 23-Sep-21 21:03:36

Anyone else watching?

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bookworm14 Thu 07-Oct-21 14:24:59


I’m really liking the lineup this year - there’s a lot of creativity and some great personalities. Lots of great names too - I love Ella Vaday and Choriza May! I was initially sceptical about allowing a female queen, but Victoria is brilliant and clearly deserving of her place.

Ulysses Sat 09-Oct-21 09:11:30

I saw the third episode and feel really sad for the loser. In a way I thought it was really cruel given what else went on in the show.

Love Choriza May and am warming to some of the others. Ella Vaday is gorgeous.

Bloodypunkrockers Sat 09-Oct-21 10:39:27

Loving Scarlet this year. I hope she does far

I really fancy Ella Vaday as a man. He is gorgeous

bookworm14 Sat 09-Oct-21 11:21:17

Ella is fit as a man. I was sad about what happened to Victoria - hope she will be back at some point.

SequinsandStiIettos Sat 09-Oct-21 14:10:16

Annoyed there was not a shantay, you both stay this week. I didn't like either of Veronica's looks but not did I want her to go. She has not been as polished this series and I do wonder if budget played a part. Wish she'd have done a go fund me or something. You need about 4k to do a halfway decent job according to other queens.

SequinsandStiIettos Sat 09-Oct-21 14:11:03



DobbyTheHouseElk Sun 10-Oct-21 21:59:49

Watched episode 3. Really sad about who left. Didn’t seem fair.
Loved Scarlett’s runway dress. Wow, she can sew.

TheresSomethingAboutAndy Thu 14-Oct-21 22:38:11

Yay I found a drag race thread!
Ella Vaday is bloody gorgeous as a man!
Chorizo may is really growing on me
Krystal is beautiful but not much else going on
Scarlet Harlett also has such a beautiful face in drag

BrightYellowDaffodil Fri 15-Oct-21 22:29:58

I was surprised Choriza was picked last, she’s one of the first I’d have wanted! And I agree with the above, Krystal hasn’t got much going for her other than looking stunning.

I’ve caught up with last week’s as well, I’m not surprised Victoria Green went. I felt sorry for her at the end but she came across as so bloody smug, and she fucked up her outfit because she was so busy showing off to the other queens about how she was an “old hand”. Got right on my tits.

AosSi Fri 15-Oct-21 22:41:47

Veronica was def not as polished but I hate how much Drag Race has become about what you can spend. Look at Gottmik, adored for runways that clearly cost $$$. Easy for her, she was bankrolled by billionaires. Aja has said she had $20k of costumes for AllStars, Kameron put down more than her house mortgage...

How can the ChiChis/ Moniques/ Aiden Zanes hold up against that? Don't get me wrong, I liiive for the runway. I just hate how it's become all about how much you can spend. Wearing clothes isn't a talent.

bookworm14 Fri 15-Oct-21 22:55:24

This is why I prefer the UK version now as it’s much less glossy and corporate. There’s some real creativity on show this season. I thought Charity’s leopard outfit this week was stunning.

BrightYellowDaffodil Sun 17-Oct-21 00:10:48

I don’t watch the US version, firstly it doesn’t have the same roots as British drag (music hall, pantomime etc) but it’s a lot more corporate looking. That the British version has a much “lesser” prize and, effectively, each week they’re competing for a badge works in its favour IMO.

There are parts of the British competition where money won’t save you - money can’t buy you dress-making skills or creativity.

Mumdiva99 Mon 18-Oct-21 10:48:46

I only watch the UK version. I'm really warming to Chorizo May. I wasn't fussed about her in the first few weeks but thought she was great this week.

Charity Kase is pushing the envelope of drag a little far for me to get....some of the looks whilst great I struggle to sew the drag in. They are great costumes but drag
....I'm not sure.

I'm also struggling with all the 'confessions' in the werk room. There used to be banter and occasionally something 'real' would come up. But now I feel like they are told to tell their story.....dead mum, parental alienation, bullying, can guess who it will be next by who's had a 'turn'. It's not needed. We love the ladies for who they are and not a sob story. Yes if it comes out in conversation by all means leave it in. -- maybe it's always been that way I'm the UK drag race....I did watch some of the original US ones years ago and don't remember it being so fake in that way.

boreon Fri 22-Oct-21 09:31:03

The right person sashay away-ed last night

Ru was not happy with them over the challenge!

Can't wait for snatch game next week grin

bookworm14 Fri 22-Oct-21 09:52:39

I agreed with Ru that their adverts were quite lazy and unoriginal. Hope they all up their game for Snatch Game next week! Sad to see that person leave but it was the right decision on the day.

Bambam2019 Fri 22-Oct-21 11:03:20

I agree with Ru, neither group did well this week!
I’m really crossing my fingers for a good snatch game next week, so far this season hasn’t been that great but then s2 was SO good so it’s probably a difficult one to keep up with.
River in this weeks runway though…..STUNNING!
I’m ok with who went this week.

Bloodypunkrockers Fri 22-Oct-21 12:12:47

The right person went in my opinion. I always thought they looked as if they could do with a good bath

Disappointed in the other person in the bottom two. They were really sulky

I need to stop drooling over Ella though. Or maybe not

FlorrieLindley Fri 22-Oct-21 13:50:45

I thought Charity Case always looks a bit grubby somehow. As my dear old mother would have said: "She needs a good scrub with Dettol and a deck brush."

Krystal is so vacuous that I no longer even see her beauty, she's just an air-head devoid of personality.

Chorizo May is now a favourite, she's very funny and engaging.

Agree that Ella is super good looking out of drag. Last night on the runway I thought he resembled Sophia Loren.

Kitty is quite appealing and looked lovely on the runway last night.

Not bothered by Vanity Milan or Scarlet Harlot.

bookworm14 Fri 22-Oct-21 14:32:21

I would be worried about Krystal if I was her mum. That much plastic surgery at such a young age is concerning.

SirYawnsAlot Sun 24-Oct-21 02:42:11

Thought the judges were over-doing the we are not amused angle, Alan Carr seemed to be smirking. I didn't think they did too bad in the challenge, it certainly was no worse than what we've seen before. The Joan Crawford Alexa idea sounded only funny to Ru.
Spotlight on solo performances next week with snatch game.

BrightYellowDaffodil Sun 24-Oct-21 09:51:38

Snatch Game next week!

This week was…meh. The adverts were lame and Ru said as much. The “expensive” category wasn’t much better, the only ones who managed a good outfit were Ella and River, the rest seemed to go with a glittery catsuit. And Charity…well, where to start? The outfits and makeup were great but she kept on shoehorning the theme into whatever outfit she’d chosen and it had long since stopped working (and no dear, saying it was “my interpretation” didn’t really cut it). She struck me as someone who is really hard work.

I know it’s early on but predictions/preferences for top three? I’m going with Kitty Scott Claws, Ella Vaday and Choriza.

KingofQueens Sun 24-Oct-21 12:45:53

I thought this week was extremely dull. I didn't care who went as I don't think anyone put a real effort in.
Ella seems to be a really, lovely authentic person,so I hope she wins.
I can't bear Kitty. Even out of drag they seem to be playing a character - they are always "on" and it's really quite draining and boring.

I hope snatch game is a leveller. For me it was snatch game last series which really put Bimini in a whole other league, same for The Viv the year before. If you can really become a character - that's drag.

DobbyTheHouseElk Sun 24-Oct-21 15:55:20

I’m really enjoying Chorizo May.

I keep hearing Ru’s comment about a “meaty tuck” and how it’s distracting him!

Ella va day. Is beautiful in and out of drag.

River is stunning.

Think the right person left this week. They sounded incredibly hard work. Also the blood and teeth and claw was getting boring.

lovelychops Thu 28-Oct-21 23:20:30

Who else is up to speed ???? I'm shocked at the elimination and need your thoughts....

I have to get my negativity out the way, I CAN NOT STAND scarlet harlot! I just don't get it with her. She always looks so vacant on the runway, just gormless! I find her looks boring and this week was rubbish. I agree with Lulu (something I never thought I'd write) she looked like a lettuce. I can't believe they all went mad for McCauly Culkin. It was basically putting your hands on the face you were born with ? How is that good? ?

I love Ella and aside from being gorgeous out of drag, she's really coming into her own.

I thought that was the best snatch game in all the UK series.

Think Kitty may win, but I can't see an obvious winner the way I thought you could in the last two series.

Chorizo and River 💕

Bloodypunkrockers Fri 29-Oct-21 08:54:21

We watched last night

I initially liked Scarlet but have rapidly gone off her

The bottom two were two of my 3 favourites so I was gutted although the lip sync was poor

I'm obsessed with Ella. I really, really want her to win, not least for her geeky jumpers and he is drop dead gorgeous

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