Drag Race UK Series 3 - Herstory in the making

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Zampa Thu 23-Sep-21 21:03:36

Anyone else watching?

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KingofQueens Thu 23-Sep-21 21:42:16

Mais oui.

SequinsandStiIettos Thu 23-Sep-21 23:43:50

Yas!! And Oti on next week. RuPaul is spoiling me.
Chorizo's hand painted dress was cool. Ru is annoying me by saying scone with an oh. It is meant to be scone like skon. Because Victoria's gone. Get it?! He clearly doesn't!
She did well.
Anubis missed a trick and should have gone with Egypt for favourite thing then dressed as Cleopatra.
Ah well.
Did not care for either music look, very basic. Also hate any drag where dressing up as little girls, Leigh Bowery included but my God, the lipsync was good... Literally threw herself into it.

KingofQueens Fri 24-Sep-21 01:07:00

Krystal is mesmerising, but possibly to similar to Bimini to be a real contender.
I'm really interested to see where Victoria goes with this.
I love River - they seem to have layers which should make for a good run.

Flavabobble Fri 24-Sep-21 06:59:59

Brilliant first episode, can't help comparing it to the Australian version and the last US one - it makes both those look very tired.

DobbyTheHouseElk Fri 24-Sep-21 07:29:15

Great start. I’m glad Veronica is back.

Ulysses Fri 24-Sep-21 07:35:50

Marking my place. Going to watch it with DD later. I’m pleased about Veronica too.


Zampa Fri 24-Sep-21 09:02:50

It's so hard at the beginning to choose favourites as there are so many of them!

I think Krystal is going to be a lewk queen with no comedy/acting skills but then I thought that about A'Whora last season and she became one of my favourites.

Are there no Irish or Scottish Queens this season? Is that a CV19 issue?

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DobbyTheHouseElk Fri 24-Sep-21 12:29:02

Seems like there are a lot of Queens this year. I’m sure we will get to know them all in time, at this point it’s always hard to remember who’s who.

Bambam2019 Fri 24-Sep-21 16:18:10

I agree hard to remember who is who at this point as there seems to be a lot of queens this year! I love crystal and scarlet at the moment. Glad to see Veronica back! Hate having to wait a full week!

covetingthepreciousthings Sat 25-Sep-21 08:06:33

Checking in, agree that there is too many queens to really know whose who in the first episode!

Electra fence (?) reminded me of A'Whora.

I'm interested to see how far Victoria Scon gets, do you think there'll end up being any rivalry there because she's a cis woman? (Hope that's the right terminology!)

Zampa Sat 25-Sep-21 08:19:09

I'd rather just call her a woman but I'll leave the gender ideology arguments to the Feminist boards!

I'm also interested to see how far Victoria Green gets. I think she's quite fragile so for her own sake, I hope that she's at least top 5. However, she has some strong rivals who appear to match her strengths. I don't think she'll walk it, like I thought at the end of last season.

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SequinsandStiIettos Sat 25-Sep-21 14:43:36

Yes, they have set Veronica up against another musical one so she is envy with envy. Subtle not. Also, tbh, her two walks weren't amazing. The cotton one was not finished well, but I let her off because she had used her Lancashire rose last time. Her fave thing (which I cannot even remember what it was at this point) was basic.
Victoria doesn't have to tuck, really pad or worry about boobs looking real but claims none of this is an advantage - doubt there will be nastiness cos of the backlash against criticism that Gottmik had an advantage (transman who also therefore did not have to tuck).
Thing is - and I am plus size myself - Victoria hasn't learned how to death drop etc best she could do is land on her knees. Not saying you need all the tricks for a winning lip sync and plenty of bigger Queens don't but it might count against her.
I think she will make later stages but won't take the crown, same as Gottmik came 3rd.
She is a woman. She is a lesbian. The assigned female at birth tag differentiates her as an AFAB queen as opposed to say, a drag king (still waiting for a drag king race where the best drag King wins) or a transwoman contestant (Peppermint among others iirc). As I understand it, drag is considered liberating in terms of being freed from labels and constraints.
RuPaul has become more inclusive after others wanting his cancellation when originally he just wanted men dressed as girls, back in the day.
I am just here for the glitter so don't care about the motives of each contestant personally. It's a job, an art form, hard to pull off well, I find it entertaining so can appreciate it can work as escapism for both the viewer and the performer.

ElizabethTudor Sun 26-Sep-21 01:00:27

I’ve just watched.
I’m glad Veronica’s back. I really like her look.
Victoria was excellent.
Krystal looked good. But all that surgery / face altering at 19. I’m not on board with that.
I loved River’s home look. I think she has real potential. As she clearly has humour. Shame about the crap music look!

BrightYellowDaffodil Sun 26-Sep-21 13:59:31

I’m glad Veronica’s back too, but they did have an air of “I’m here to collect the win I mess robbed of last year”…

Victoria Scone was brilliant, as was Choriza May (brilliant name!) and Scarlett Harlett. Krystal looks beautiful but she’s too polished and I suspect rather two dimensional, like burlesque-by-numbers when it’s all sequinned nipple tassels but no individuality, cleverness or character.

I’m not surprised at who went, and I really didn’t like Charity Kase so I’m rather hoping that they’re next…

BrightYellowDaffodil Sun 26-Sep-21 14:01:27

*Was, not mess!

Zampa Sun 26-Sep-21 14:26:44

I think Charity Kase is going to be too one note to go far but then Utica Queen came sixth in S13.

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Bollindger Thu 30-Sep-21 11:07:26

I've just realised this is back, due to a drag queen who is on my feed, not being very happy about a woman being included.

covetingthepreciousthings Thu 30-Sep-21 17:49:32


I've just realised this is back, due to a drag queen who is on my feed, not being very happy about a woman being included.


Zampa Thu 30-Sep-21 21:47:43


I think Charity Kase is going to be too one note to go far but then Utica Queen came sixth in S13.

Pleasantly surprised by Charity Kase tonight and great to see Veronica Green perform well.

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Bambam2019 Fri 01-Oct-21 11:02:26

I was gutted by who went this week (won’t put names just yet incase of spoilers)
I still think there’s too many in the competition at the moment to give everyone enough time to show their true personalities, both in and out of drag. I think a few more need to go and the rest will get more air time and then I’ll be able to pick a clear favourite!

SequinsandStiIettos Sat 02-Oct-21 16:39:56

Both did a good lipsync. Both should have been saved and the injured queen given a place for season 4 instead, so no elimination. Crystal's tits get on my tits. I prefer shading and contouring to mahoosive breast plates.
Don't have a favourite yet but if you cannot sew, it should be an automatic sashay.

Ulysses Tue 05-Oct-21 07:27:51

Got caught up yesterday. Krystal's made a big impact with the judges already. She does look great but the massive breastplate made her otherwise really polished look vulgar.

Praise for Victoria too for handling of the comments about her weight and picking it up with Krystal, who in fairness took it well.

Agree both lip-syncs were amazing this week but I'm hoping the doctors give the injured one the all clear. I think they are an asset to the show.

Chorizo May and River Medway are really endearing.

SirYawnsAlot Tue 05-Oct-21 15:51:31

Surprised no one picked up on Krystals breast plate obviously finishing under her chin.

doggyjoe Thu 07-Oct-21 14:20:50


I've just realised this is back, due to a drag queen who is on my feed, not being very happy about a woman being included.

which one?

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