TENNIS THREAD- The Slams are over, and we have new Champions!

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Raahh Sun 12-Sep-21 23:42:33

Even though the commentators are still talking about Djokovic as though Medvedev hasn't wonhmm.

How much credit does Daniil deserve? All of it! He bloody won angry.

I'm a bit cross. Can you tell grin.

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littlbrowndog Sun 12-Sep-21 23:43:56

Me too. He was beaten in 3 straight sets. Beaten

JaneJeffer Sun 12-Sep-21 23:44:06

Thanks Raahh

So happy for Daniil.

Raahh Sun 12-Sep-21 23:45:49

I was very unimpressed by the crowd booing whilst Daniil was serving for the match.

And Djok crying at the end.hmm You've won 20 slams. Give the man his moment. It reminded me of Serena and Naomi.

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JaneJeffer Sun 12-Sep-21 23:46:36

He's so needy.

Yamayo Sun 12-Sep-21 23:46:50

The crowd was disgusting.

Novak was well beaten.

littlbrowndog Sun 12-Sep-21 23:47:34

Crowds don’t usually like Djokovic. There’s a reason for that


Raahh Sun 12-Sep-21 23:47:37

I am very happy for Daniil. I'd be more happy if they hadn't spent 10 minutes discussing Novak, and being all sad about him though.

I remember Roger sobbing in 2009 when Rafa beat him in Melbourne. That annoyed me too. grin.

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Mama1980 Sun 12-Sep-21 23:47:39

Thank goodness for that!
Brilliant from Daniil.

Raahh Sun 12-Sep-21 23:48:50

They are not the greatest fans in the world- they are the rudest. They usually spend most of their time talking and eating.

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littlbrowndog Sun 12-Sep-21 23:50:02

Sniff sniff

Raahh Sun 12-Sep-21 23:50:18

I'm waiting for Daniil's speech. I don't actually want to listen to you.

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Raahh Sun 12-Sep-21 23:51:00

Get him a tissue.

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littlbrowndog Sun 12-Sep-21 23:51:06


GrouchyKiwi Sun 12-Sep-21 23:51:17

I've had a big grump at the crowd too. Had to turn off the commentary when they said "How much credit does Medvedev deserve?"

All of it. He beat Djokovic AND the crowd.

JaneJeffer Sun 12-Sep-21 23:52:43

Sorry not sorry I think you meant to say Daniil.

JaneJeffer Sun 12-Sep-21 23:54:06


TottiePlantagenet Sun 12-Sep-21 23:54:19

I can't believe the booing. Don't think I've ever heard that in other Slams.

And yes Raahh, Medvedev deserved all the credit, he bloomin' won in straight sets!

DramaAlpaca Sun 12-Sep-21 23:54:27

I'm just popping my head around the door firstly to say hello to all you lovely tennis lot smile

And then to say how pleased I am for Medvedev. Well done him, he deserved that.

And also, how amazing the women's final was. Congratulations to Emma.

Yamayo Sun 12-Sep-21 23:54:49

Daniil is being incredibly gracious considering...

Raahh Sun 12-Sep-21 23:54:55

I am quite impressed at myself.

I have stayed awake.

So well done to me.

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littlbrowndog Sun 12-Sep-21 23:55:20


Raahh Sun 12-Sep-21 23:56:22

I love Daniil, his speeches are always funny.

Yes, I think that's a pretty good present. grin.

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littlbrowndog Sun 12-Sep-21 23:56:30

Thanks for chat. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Great straight sets win

Raahh Sun 12-Sep-21 23:56:54

Hello Drama grin

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