GBBO back Channel 4 Tuesday 21st Sept!

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Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Fri 10-Sep-21 17:04:43

Hurrah! That is all.

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Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Fri 10-Sep-21 18:42:09

Bump. Surely I'm the only Bake Off fan here?!

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iklboo Fri 10-Sep-21 18:46:14

Can't wait! Taskmaster starts that week too. Fab autumn telly. DS loves watching too so we get to spend time with him. Bonus!

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Fri 10-Sep-21 18:49:47

Phew! Professional Masterchef has to turn up at some point too. Has to be better than the dross on the Sleb version.

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iklboo Fri 10-Sep-21 19:08:19


Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Tue 14-Sep-21 15:21:28

Bump! A week today.

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iklboo Tue 14-Sep-21 17:17:40

Huzzah. And a fully vegan baker on the list. Should be really interesting how they adapt the challenges.


MoltenLasagne Tue 14-Sep-21 17:34:52

I've been enjoying reading the bios of the bakers - they're a very multi-talented lot!

Skiptheheartsandflowers Tue 14-Sep-21 17:38:45

Yay! Comfort TV and boy do we need it.

Is it on at 8?

Sulusu Tue 14-Sep-21 17:52:59

I thought it was on tonight. I got all excited! I even baked some scones in happy preparation so I don't scavenge cupboards while it's on.

It's a whole week away!
Still... scones.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Wed 15-Sep-21 08:46:57

Will that little girl still be in the credits? She must be about 30 by now. grin

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CatherineCawood Wed 15-Sep-21 08:56:23

Whoop! Exciting!

VoyageInTheDark Wed 15-Sep-21 17:34:03


Will that little girl still be in the credits? She must be about 30 by now. grin

Every series I annoy DH by saying, 'She must be about 13/14/15 etc now'.

Looking forward to it being back!

TheDogsMother Tue 21-Sep-21 15:18:17

Hurrah GBBO tonight. Can't wait. Anyone else joining us on the thread ?

iklboo Tue 21-Sep-21 16:15:10

DH is bloody working so we'll have to wait until it's finished then watch on catch up. At least he's bringing cake in. Once we know what next week is DS will take over baking duties (unless it's something ridiculously fiddly and easier to buy - he's only nearly 16 after all ☺️).

jay55 Tue 21-Sep-21 16:16:05

I'm so excited. But annoyed I only have biscuits and no cake for viewing snacks.

TalkedTooMuchStayedTooLong Tue 21-Sep-21 16:53:12

Yay! can't wait... it's one of the few shows all three of my teens will join me for!

TokyoSushi Tue 21-Sep-21 16:54:47

Checking in, totally love it, but will be on delay this year as exercise class finishes at 8pm which is a pain!!

ILoveYou3000 Tue 21-Sep-21 16:59:06

Looking forward to this one. Seems like they've gone back to a real mix of contestants, with a good range of ages etc. That's when it works best I think.

Skiptheheartsandflowers Tue 21-Sep-21 17:55:48

Will be watching but may come to the thread afterwards if it's hectic! I also like the look of this year's contestants.

TalkedTooMuchStayedTooLong Tue 21-Sep-21 17:56:37

We usually watch slightly delayed so we can skip the ads...

mum2jakie Tue 21-Sep-21 17:57:20

Looking forward to this too

PrincessScarlett Tue 21-Sep-21 18:40:33

All set for tonight. Love a bit of Bake Off 🧁🍰🍪🥧🥮

BrilloPaddy Tue 21-Sep-21 18:43:02

I love it and can't wait!!

Christmas21 Tue 21-Sep-21 19:04:09

Can't wait for it to start!

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