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NotMyCat Thu 12-Aug-21 19:47:53

New series starts tonight smile I follow it as it's my old colleagues and job!

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Livedandlearned Thu 12-Aug-21 19:51:13

Thanks for that, I love Ambulance! Greatest respect to paramedics, I work on a ward and I can only imagine what paramedics see and have to cope with on a daily ( and nightly) basis.

Will be tuning in tonight

Blue4YOU Thu 12-Aug-21 19:57:22

I love this show!!! Fantastic. Makes me wish I was young enough to be a paramedic

iamme21 Thu 12-Aug-21 19:57:52

Can’t wait to watch this!

TheCaddieisaBaddie Thu 12-Aug-21 20:00:34

Love this programme

WellTidy Thu 12-Aug-21 21:40:56

What was the noise that the lady could hear for the last three years? I didn’t catch it! The paramedic was in stitches.

worrybutterfly Thu 12-Aug-21 21:41:51


It was her Elvis wall clock...


Toddlerteaplease Thu 12-Aug-21 21:42:20

I think it was the elvis clock? I just came on to ask the same question!

Jellybean100 Thu 12-Aug-21 21:46:06

I love Ambulance so much it’s a fantastic series

WellTidy Thu 12-Aug-21 21:52:49

I need to concentrate more! What did the lady with the elvis clock need an ambulance for please?

This is such a traumatic watch. Huge respect to everyone doing this job.

Toddlerteaplease Thu 12-Aug-21 21:54:27

Omg that poor man and her mum finding out over the phone

WellTidy Thu 12-Aug-21 21:59:36

I’m in bits sad

NotMyCat Thu 12-Aug-21 21:59:43

The music on it is always done so well. I mean I worked handling 999 calls for a decade and yet that song at the end nearly finished me off

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FrankiesKnuckle Thu 12-Aug-21 22:00:27

Missed it as on holiday, even though it's a busmans holiday watching it.... not filmed in our service this series so won't talent spot 😂
As a paramedic, I do love how it gets the message across of some of the inappropriate calls (x100 In reality)
Personally, I would never agree to being filmed but hats off to those that do.

TheWayTheLightFalls Thu 12-Aug-21 22:01:52

I have a soft spot for the Merseyside ones, the accents are like a warm hug.

Blue4YOU Thu 12-Aug-21 22:13:59

I love the Liverpool accents and the love and care!!
I’m a bit guilty of wanting more drama 😳.

Elderflower14 Thu 12-Aug-21 22:19:28

I love Ambulance... Hated that version of YNWA why couldn't they pay tribute to Gerry and play the original...

mumofblueeyes Thu 12-Aug-21 23:23:14

What an amazing programme. Had me in tears. The 40 year old who passes away and the lady offering steak. I thought they were rather too nice to the Elvis clock people, they were very sweet but they shouldn't be phoning 999! The paramedics told them it was no trouble to pop in. But a fantastic programme and shows the amazing work of the NHS.

Claymorekick Fri 13-Aug-21 13:11:21

@NotMyCat bet it was a great job to have - were you a paramedic or a call taker? Why did you leave (if you don't mind me asking)? I guess the job really takes an emotional toll sad

Loved it last night - they are all so patient and kind smile

recreationalcalpol Fri 13-Aug-21 13:14:05

Love ambulance. What city is it in this time? I loved the London ones, trying to work out where everything was. I guess when it’s your home city it all feels a bit more relatable

NotMyCat Fri 13-Aug-21 13:14:15


*@NotMyCat* bet it was a great job to have - were you a paramedic or a call taker? Why did you leave (if you don't mind me asking)? I guess the job really takes an emotional toll sad

Loved it last night - they are all so patient and kind smile

Call handler. I left due to sickness managed out

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Toddlerteaplease Fri 13-Aug-21 16:19:31

It does surprise me some of the stuff they send an ambulance too, that clearly doesn't need one/ the patient could safely make their own way to hospital.

Thesearmsofmine Sat 14-Aug-21 08:52:58

It is such an emotive watch, seeing how long some people were waiting for ambulances is always a shock even though I know it happens.

PinkDaydreams Sun 15-Aug-21 08:55:05

Does anyone know who the ynwa version was please? Like a pp it also set me crying!

Such respect for everyone working within the NHS, true heroes, thank you!

SamMaxFrankieDuke Sun 15-Aug-21 23:22:46

Our NHS, the call centre staff and paramedics are amazing. The programme showcases their fantastic work.

The trailer is borrowing. I feel for the people in these awful situations.


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