Our Girl Thread 61 "Our Girl, Soldier Soldier and The Musketeers Revisited"

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Ilovelblue Tue 27-Jul-21 21:30:28

We started to follow "Our Girl" back in 2014 and although there will be no further series, we do revisit from time to time. We have watched all seven series of "Soldier Soldier" to keep up our military terminology and have almost finished the first series of "The Musketeers". Of course, there is a definite connection between "Our Girl" and "The Musketeers" in the delightful form of Luke Pasqualino. We will start on series 2 very soon.

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Magi84 Thu 29-Jul-21 06:14:27

Thanks for setting up this new thread ilove and enjoy your holiday.

eejittwo Fri 06-Aug-21 13:31:57

Ladies, being an eejit, I forgot that I’m out this coming Tuesday and won’t be able to join the watchalong. Can we postpone for another week? Or I can do Monday or Thursday.
Yes, I know - ‘out’, how exciting to have a social life again.

Ilovelblue Sun 08-Aug-21 20:50:51

Hi eejit. I'd be happy with Thursday this week or to leave it until next Tuesday.

What does Rhu think?

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Rhubarb01 Mon 09-Aug-21 21:54:10

Evening. Just saw your post eejit. I'm happy to do Thursday this week. So, see you all on here for Episode 1 of Series 2 at 9pm then.

Hope you had a good holiday ilove.

Ilovelblue Mon 09-Aug-21 22:01:56

I'm afraid not Rhu but thanks for asking - my friend's mother was rushed into hospital and we had to come home after three days. Things aren't looking very optimistic either for her and it's all made worse by not being allowed to visit.

See you all on Thursday.

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eejittwo Tue 10-Aug-21 22:31:58

Oh dear, ilove, not so good.


AlannaOfTrebond Tue 10-Aug-21 22:46:52

Hi ilove
I was one of the original Our Girl crew back in 2014, with a different username. So lovely to see you are still around, but sorry life is tough at the moment.
I have invested some time over lockdown into sourcing excellent tv you may all enjoy and can recommend the following.
All seasons of the Musketeers. Which have led me to some of the links below. Luke Pasqualino as D'Artagnon and the excellent Tom Bourke as Athos.
Strike - JK Rowling's grown up books, starring Tom Bourke and Holliday Granger.
The Borgias - Luke Pasqualino in the first series and Holliday Granger from Strike. Also has Jeremy Irons as the Pope.
Finally - Outlander, it may not have men in uniform, but it does have men in kilts and there are 5 seasons. You will thank me.
Love and best wishes to all my old OG friends.

Rhubarb01 Thu 12-Aug-21 20:55:19

Hi Alanna thanks for dropping in. Yes, we are still going and finding something to talk about. Thanks for the the suggestions, plenty of scope there for future watchalongs. Men in kilts - yes lots of fun to be had with that, I think!

As for today - we are about to start on episode 1 of series 2. Anyone else on parade?

eejittwo Thu 12-Aug-21 20:56:50

I’m here, ready to press play at 9 o’clock.

Rhubarb01 Thu 12-Aug-21 20:59:49

Evening eejit - it's time of "Keep your Friends Close"

Rhubarb01 Thu 12-Aug-21 21:00:13

Pressing play...now!

Ilovelblue Thu 12-Aug-21 21:00:47

I'm here, laptop was a bit slow to start!

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Rhubarb01 Thu 12-Aug-21 21:01:03

So, the Cardinal is dead. What a shame..not.

Here come our 4 heroes with flapping capes!

Rhubarb01 Thu 12-Aug-21 21:02:16

They have happened upon a lynch mob about to hang a man from a tree. I don't think they will let this happen without asking questions.

eejittwo Thu 12-Aug-21 21:02:19

You’ll regret interfering, believer me ...

Ilovelblue Thu 12-Aug-21 21:02:32

The Cardinal is dead.

Somebody is about to be hanged. This does not look well.

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Rhubarb01 Thu 12-Aug-21 21:03:21

Rochefort - they'll be sorry they sent the lynch mob away.

Ilovelblue Thu 12-Aug-21 21:03:28

So they know this reprobate then? Ah, a disciple of the Cardinal by the sounds of it.

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eejittwo Thu 12-Aug-21 21:04:08

The boys do like a scrap.

Rhubarb01 Thu 12-Aug-21 21:04:11

Yep, it's fight time... and off slinks the culprit to steal a horse and get away.

Ilovelblue Thu 12-Aug-21 21:04:11

Whose horse is he riding away on?

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Ilovelblue Thu 12-Aug-21 21:04:52

Queenie is giving birth.

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Rhubarb01 Thu 12-Aug-21 21:05:02

Oh, dear the Queen is about to give birth and we can all hear it. Everyone is looking, poor woman. Still some strawberries will help!

eejittwo Thu 12-Aug-21 21:05:36

Why does Rochefort remind me of a late Sixties pop star?

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