Love island 2021 thread 8 - Casa Amor is open!

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TitsInAbsentia Mon 26-Jul-21 21:11:10


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ilkleymoorbartat Mon 26-Jul-21 21:12:27

Oh god it's so cringey.

Fandangoes Mon 26-Jul-21 21:12:36

Jake is going to head straight for Mary

LadyCatStark Mon 26-Jul-21 21:12:52

Oh Jake 🙈

Fandangoes Mon 26-Jul-21 21:12:55

Or Lilly

Ughmaybenot Mon 26-Jul-21 21:12:58

Liam needs to chill. He surprised me a bit there, why do they all need to get to know the new girls really? He reckons he’s smitten with Millie sooo…

StormcloakNord Mon 26-Jul-21 21:13:03

I wonder if Jake will stray shock


FayeFayeFayeFayeFaye Mon 26-Jul-21 21:13:05

Two of the new girls have terrible fake boobs.

RainbowZebraWarrior Mon 26-Jul-21 21:13:06

Checking in. Though not sure what I'm hoping for.

Fandangoes Mon 26-Jul-21 21:13:12

I am surprised at Liam being so keen

thinkingaboutitall Mon 26-Jul-21 21:13:33

I wish these girls were the ones in from the beginning, would have been much interesting

Instead we got Sharon and Shannon 🥴

Ughmaybenot Mon 26-Jul-21 21:13:36

I could listen to Dublin DJ all day. I hope jake goes for her, purely for that reason!

SunSeaSurfGin Mon 26-Jul-21 21:13:53

Evening all

Mary? Is giving me Georgia Loyal vibes already

Blamelesscars Mon 26-Jul-21 21:13:54

Yep Jake doing exactly what I expected 🙄

Fandangoes Mon 26-Jul-21 21:14:22

She’s 28 and far too mature for any of those boys!! Except maybe Teddy?

TellingBone Mon 26-Jul-21 21:14:34

"I'm looking for a boy who's loyal...I've no problem with splitting a couple up..."


OhhHelloThere Mon 26-Jul-21 21:14:38

Who's the one with the Lego haircut?

Roomarmoset Mon 26-Jul-21 21:15:01


"I'm looking for a boy who's loyal...I've no problem with splitting a couple up..."


I thought the same 🤦🏼‍♀️ makes no sense!

Ughmaybenot Mon 26-Jul-21 21:15:11


Evening all

Mary? Is giving me Georgia Loyal vibes already

I miss feeling so strongly about love island as I did when she kept saying she was loyal while lying constantly… I cared then, in the good old(er) days 😂

Tootshoots Mon 26-Jul-21 21:15:12

Please Liam dont stray, I'm too invested in Milliam blush

PringlePonders Mon 26-Jul-21 21:15:55

Just hope kaz doesn't start squealing about the new boys and silly dances

StormcloakNord Mon 26-Jul-21 21:16:11

I'm an awful person but I almost want Jake to stay just for the sheer entertainment value

BunnytheFriendlyDragon Mon 26-Jul-21 21:16:14

The nee girls are attractive...

Bring on the boys!

ILoveYou3000 Mon 26-Jul-21 21:17:05

The OG girls always get done in Casa Amor. Only Ovie has ever been decent. This bunch of boys don't look great yet the new girls are all attractive.

Wonder if that's so they guarantee drama? They know the girls are less likely to stray so don't bother sending in their best. The boys are the total opposite, more easily tempted.

ReginaaPhalange Mon 26-Jul-21 21:17:20

Haven't watched in 2 weeks but checking back in now as here comes the drama we've been waiting for!!

Mary looks a bit odd, salma is beautiful but didn't say where she was from so guessing America?
Amy is pretty

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