Ted Lasso is back!!!

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jonkersdeplonkers Sat 24-Jul-21 08:05:55

Just that. Series two started yesterday, and episode 1 bodes really well for another amazing series. I'm going to struggle with weekly episodes though as I was a late comer to series 1 and binge watched it over 48hrs!

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funtimefrank Sat 24-Jul-21 08:13:48

How many in the series? I think I may save them all up.

I love Ted

jonkersdeplonkers Sat 24-Jul-21 08:17:53

@funtimefrank I just checked and there's 12, that a long time to wait. Not sure I could do it confused

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funtimefrank Sat 24-Jul-21 08:45:48

Fair point, I don't think I can. Maybe save them up as a fortnightly treat.

So excited

tribpot Sat 24-Jul-21 09:00:23

I binged the whole of S1 yesterday on a day off, loved it.

jonkersdeplonkers Sat 24-Jul-21 09:05:04

@tribpot isn't it just wonderful and EXACTLY what we need right now?.

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tribpot Sat 24-Jul-21 09:40:09

@jonkersdeplonkers it really, really is.


HalleLouja Sun 25-Jul-21 10:53:40

Is it wrong that I think they should make a Roy Kent spin off shoe. Him with the yoga mums and his Rose. 🤣🤣🤣

Iamthewombat Sun 25-Jul-21 22:14:03


Fair point, I don't think I can. Maybe save them up as a fortnightly treat.

So excited

We’re doing that. Both I and DH love it. He thinks that Ted is the ‘Jesus figure’ of Richmond AFC! (DH is not religious).

I also need to know where Rebecca’s fierce wardrobe comes from.

UnitedRoad Sun 25-Jul-21 22:30:08

I’m so happy it’s back and really enjoyed the new episode but… it was soooo short! We’re not massive bingers, but ideally would watch two episodes a night, until it was finished.

I absolutely love it, but hate Anthony Head, so I’m hoping he won’t return (but bet he will).

HalleLouja Fri 13-Aug-21 21:01:45

Has anyone been watching season 2? Am loving it.

Bellagio40 Sat 14-Aug-21 05:17:48

Yes! Watched the Christmas episode tonight. Loved it.

dannyrojas Sat 14-Aug-21 09:02:13

Yes. Obviously. Football is life.

IjustbelieveinMe Sat 14-Aug-21 14:01:17

I am saving this up to watch on a really gloomy horrible weekend while I am in lockdown (Australia) so happy its back

alloverthecarpetagain Sat 14-Aug-21 16:39:46

DH and I don't usually agree on tv stuff to watch so it's gold when we do actually both like something and Ted Lasso is perfect. There isn't enough of it!

HalleLouja Sun 15-Aug-21 00:57:50

Its such a joy to watch. I might have to watch it all again.

JacquelineCarlyle Tue 31-Aug-21 16:18:12

Ted Lasso is superb! Found it thanks to this thread and watched season one over the weekend - love it! Thank you!

Just started season 2 today - hope it's as perfect as season 1!

JacquelineCarlyle Tue 31-Aug-21 16:18:53

Also have mad girl crush on Rebecca and her wardrobe - she looks stunning and her clothes are fabulous!

JacquelineCarlyle Sun 05-Sep-21 22:29:52

Just watched the Christmas episode - loved it. Got me in the mood for Christmas even though it's only September!

OhThatChicken Wed 08-Sep-21 20:43:15

I have found the corner of the Internet where I can admit that Roy Kent is my new favourite fictional boyfriend. He’s just getting better and funnier every episode. Am watching S2 week by week and loving it, even with some of the characters making me sad.

Did everyone see the interview when a load of the cast went to the FA Cup final? It really made me smile.


JacquelineCarlyle Wed 08-Sep-21 22:28:51

That interview is brill - thanks for sharing @OhThatChicken The interviewer had obviously never watched Ted Lasso!

PrincessofPeeves Wed 08-Sep-21 22:32:02

Where can you watch this?

JacquelineCarlyle Wed 08-Sep-21 22:47:42

It's on Apple TV @PrincessofPeeves

PrincessofPeeves Wed 08-Sep-21 22:48:28

Thanks @JacquelineCarlyle, I don't have that so will have to source it somewhere else sad

JacquelineCarlyle Wed 08-Sep-21 22:50:42

There isn't much that's good on Apple TV but if you can get a free trial and watch this and Trying, that would be great as they're both brill. The Morning Show is also fab but not sure about anything else.

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