Love Island 2021 thread 6 - If Pob and Voldemort had a baby....

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TitsInAbsentia Tue 20-Jul-21 21:40:14

As you were...

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rishisboater Tue 20-Jul-21 21:40:48

Oh my god the title

WeKnowFrogsGoShaLaLaLaLa Tue 20-Jul-21 21:40:53


PeteWicksSexyPirate Tue 20-Jul-21 21:41:01


rishisboater Tue 20-Jul-21 21:41:59

Chloe's voice. I rally hope it's a sore throat or illness and that it hasn't morphed again

Ughmaybenot Tue 20-Jul-21 21:42:00

The title 😂 👌🏻

TitsInAbsentia Tue 20-Jul-21 21:42:18

@AngeloMysterioso thank you for the title inspiration!! Laughing my head off...cannot unseeeeeeeeeeeee!

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ILoveYou3000 Tue 20-Jul-21 21:42:19

The title 🤣🤣🤣

LifeinPieces21 Tue 20-Jul-21 21:42:26

What I would give to get in that pool right now.

hahahayoumustbejoking Tue 20-Jul-21 21:42:42

What? What's q2

Ughmaybenot Tue 20-Jul-21 21:42:52

I love how absolutely buzzed they get for a crappy themed party with their two drinks. They must be so fucking bored in there!

rishisboater Tue 20-Jul-21 21:43:05


What? What's q2

Isn't it the cheeky finger?

Tootshoots Tue 20-Jul-21 21:43:32

Right what was said there on the swings that made them all scream?

hahahayoumustbejoking Tue 20-Jul-21 21:44:08

What is Q1 then, a fingernail? confused

rishisboater Tue 20-Jul-21 21:44:20

Did Liberty say "Penelope Cruz out of thunderbirds"

Carrott21 Tue 20-Jul-21 21:44:24

Has it got any better? I stopped watching it on Friday and just really can't be bothered now. It's such a shit series this year.

ladyvimes Tue 20-Jul-21 21:44:33

Wasn’t q2 oral? Ew.

rishisboater Tue 20-Jul-21 21:44:43

Oh right is Q2 oral?

unique1986 Tue 20-Jul-21 21:44:47

Liberty said she did NVQ 1 and Jake did NVQ 2 what the hell??

MamaRaisingBoys Tue 20-Jul-21 21:45:09

Liberty said she was nvq1 and Jake was nvq2. I think that means she’s given him oral and he’s fingered her

AngeloMysterioso Tue 20-Jul-21 21:45:11


*@AngeloMysterioso* thank you for the title inspiration!! Laughing my head off...cannot unseeeeeeeeeeeee!

Haha! I knew there was something familiar about him and then it clicked!

I’ve inspired a thread title… I feel so special <preens>

steelseries Tue 20-Jul-21 21:45:28

Liam and Millie do seem to be into each other. They are always together.

unique1986 Tue 20-Jul-21 21:46:35

I could easily miss the rest of the week .This is just going over old ground.

MamaRaisingBoys Tue 20-Jul-21 21:46:42

Entry level NVQ - snog outside a challenge
NVQ Level 1 - fingering/handjob
NVQ2 - oral
NVQ3 - the whole shebang

Tootshoots Tue 20-Jul-21 21:47:41

Here comes the cliffhanger

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