Murder at the Cottage

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MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Mon 21-Jun-21 23:01:45

Documentary on Sky Crime, I think it is 5 episodes.

Omg it was so good ( if a programme about a murder can ever be 'good')

I can't remember anything about this in the news at the time so I was watching it with fresh eyes.

I started watching it, DH came in to get a coffee, sat down and he was hooked too which is rare.

Anyone else seen it?

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DramaAlpaca Mon 21-Jun-21 23:05:52

Yes, watching now.

I remember the case vaguely, I wasn't living in Ireland then. It's fascinating.

The West Cork scenery is just stunning.

Molly333 Mon 21-Jun-21 23:07:16

Is there a conclusion as to who did it at the end ?

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Mon 21-Jun-21 23:07:25

Isn't it just? Just so beautiful.

I'll be interested to hear what you think when you've finished.

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Sailorsgirl44 Tue 22-Jun-21 06:46:04

I know this case very well... I don't think Ian Bailey did it - the Guards thought they had their man and really messed up the case. I hope the program explores other possibilities of who might have done it.
I've seen two episodes.. When are the next three episodes on?

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Tue 22-Jun-21 07:26:15

I don't know,I watched the whole lot in one go .

Do you know anything about possible motive @Sailorsgirl44? That seemed to be glossed over a bit.

I thought they had the wrong man but those photos of his girlfriend after he'd attacked her shock

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SheepGoBaaaa Tue 22-Jun-21 08:06:18

I’ve only seen parts of the first couple of episodes, but as someone who’s from the area, I didn’t think it told us anything new so far, apart from the graphic, prurient photos of Sophie T du P’s battered hands, and her legs and feet at the crime scene — I’d also never seen the photos of the bloodied slate and block either. I’d understood her family had withdrawn cooperation from the project — so the sad archive interview with her parents (now long dead) were inserted instead of recent interviews with her son and other living family members — because they didn’t want photos of her body to be used, so I was surprised there were still those.


SunSunSunshine Tue 22-Jun-21 16:34:09


I don't know,I watched the whole lot in one go .

Do you know anything about possible motive *@Sailorsgirl44*? That seemed to be glossed over a bit.

I thought they had the wrong man but those photos of his girlfriend after he'd attacked her shock

Spoiler Alert

Yes there was nothing about a motive.
Did he fancy her? Had she rejected him?
Also more investigation was needed about what happened that night in terms of how her blood was found on the handle. Had she been injured before she got down the hill and tried to get back in the house? Had someone taken her down the hill etc?

The suspect didn't come across as a very likeable man - a violent drunk that struggled with his temper.
But at the same time not someone who had a reason to kill Sophie.
The girlfriend seemed utterly fed up with him and his outbursts and I'm glad she left him in the end.
I did notice when he was drunk and he started to discuss his alibi that the girlfriend signalled to him to be quiet which was quite interesting.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Tue 22-Jun-21 18:44:46

I wondered if seeing as she'd split up with her lover then Ian Bailey thought he was on with a chance and got knocked back. Who knows? How utterly frustrating for her poor family 😢

Complicated life,first husband having an affair (according to a bit of googling) while Sophie was alive then has a baby with the gf within months of her dying. Also gf's monther was murdered too.

I think IB has the potential to explode and kill,you only have to look at what he did to his partner to see that, omg SO violent!shock

It was a female's DNA on Sophie's hands according to something I read last night.

I also read that Jules didn't want to leave IB because if she left everyone would think he was guilty,that's why she waited.

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Sallycinnamum Tue 22-Jun-21 18:52:37

I watched the whole series a couple of days ago and I don't know what to think tbh but Sophies investigation was clearly appalling. I can't believe they left her poor body where she died for 24hrs. Appalling.

I'm not convinced IB did it though. He's clearly an alcoholic and not a very pleasant man overall but a murderer, God only knows.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Tue 22-Jun-21 19:15:59

I'd like those body language experts from that other programme to look at his behaviour,I've watched so many of them he was practically screaming "I did it!"

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ApolloandDaphne Tue 22-Jun-21 19:19:44

I listened to a podcast about this. It was all very strange. I am not certain Bailey did it.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Tue 22-Jun-21 19:20:42

What is the podcast called?

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SnipSnipMrBurgess Tue 22-Jun-21 19:28:04

I'm from cork and remember it all well.

There were rumours it was a retired garda who is long dead who did it. But the town was a tight community and no one wanted to talk. The west cork podcast is great.

Thunderpunt Tue 22-Jun-21 19:30:18

Was it just the two episodes? I watched them both and thought there would be more as the end of the second one suggested Ian Bailey was interviewed...

Thunderpunt Tue 22-Jun-21 19:30:53

Ok should have read the first line of the OP blush it's 5 episodes!

outnumbered77 Tue 22-Jun-21 19:32:20

Oh is this the story from the podcast? West Cork? Loved that.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Tue 22-Jun-21 19:55:32

A retired Garda puts a whole different slant on things, doesn't it?

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SheepGoBaaaa Tue 22-Jun-21 19:57:07

Can anyone tell me when episodes 3,4 and 5 are to be broadcast on Sky Crime?

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Tue 22-Jun-21 20:10:06

They were all on there for me, maybe On Demand ?

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ApolloandDaphne Tue 22-Jun-21 20:13:04


Oh is this the story from the podcast? West Cork? Loved that.

Yes that was the podcast.

Sowhatywhaty Tue 22-Jun-21 22:14:37

I just finished this today ! Hhmmmm Ian Bailey, what an attention seeking twat, I think he courts the publicity over this & would rather have lived the life of notoriety than been a mediocre unknown journalist. I loved the podcast too.

I'm glad Jules has left him & feel sorry for her daughters.

There is a Netflix documentary about this dropping on 30th June.

I think the husband had something to do with it - why was he always so reluctant to return to France & when he did brought a lawyer...?

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Tue 22-Jun-21 22:27:39

What's the podcast called please?

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PetticoatSoldier Tue 22-Jun-21 22:55:24

I've just started watching as we listened to the podcast, which was very good. It's called West Cork and it's on audible.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Tue 22-Jun-21 23:43:32

Thank you smile

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