War of the Worlds FOX

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Heavymetaldetector Mon 21-Jun-21 22:12:24

We're on s1 ep7. It's been dissapointingly alien light and tripod free so far. The build up to the attack was about 15 minutes then everyone was wiped out INSTANTLY and now we're into the tedious post apocalyptic walking around aimlessly for another 6 episodes. I love the original story and always watch the adaptations, but they are always so boring. I absolutely hated the period one the other year with Damelza off of Poldark and Rafe Spall. They could have done so much with the such rich original material from the book but oh no, 3 hours of staring red dust basically. This show is like a mix between The Walking Dead and The Happening. The aliens are all in robots that look conveniently like our robot dogs, and when you do get to see an alien it's just a bit of sausage meat splattered all over some metal! Anyway, maybe I'm being harsh. I want some cool alien scary shit! Where are the tripods? Thus far my favourite adaptation is the Tom Cruise one!?! That can't be right surely? At least it stuck pretty closely to the original story! Albeit in modern times.
I welcome your opinions 😊😊

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Heavymetaldetector Mon 21-Jun-21 22:13:19

Oh and it's on Disney+ by the way

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SnarkyBag Mon 21-Jun-21 22:17:23

Ooh might have to watch it but will anticipate disappointment just in case. I agree the Tom Cruise film was very good I’ve watched quite a few times even though I don’t actually like Tom Cruise very much!

Heavymetaldetector Mon 21-Jun-21 22:22:09

@SnarkyBag I had high hopes for this one, I really did! Some of the location shots are stunning! But they must have run out of budget for aliens and space ships and other cool stuff...

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