The Bold Type (on Netflix)

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paniniswapx3 Sun 20-Jun-21 18:09:54

Anyone watching?

I'm totally loving it - women supporting women and no one being awful, but going through the ups and downs of 20-somethings in NYC. Beautiful clothes and people!

I'm not keen on all the sex as some of the lesbian scenes seem gratuitous and made for men but overall I love this show!

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Flavabobble Sun 20-Jun-21 20:25:01

I tried this a few weeks ago, not generally my sort of thing at all.
Ended up bingeing all 4 seasons, thoroughly enjoyed it. I found the lack of bitchiness and their mutual support quite uplifting.

toucancancan Sun 20-Jun-21 20:29:43

Yes it's like a younger, modern Sex and the City.

paniniswapx3 Sun 20-Jun-21 21:30:17

I think it's the lack of bitchiness that I love the most - there's no 'baddie' as such and everyone (including Jaclyn) is there to help and support one another and make the best possible magazine they can. Shit still happens but they love and support each other as best they can through things. Currently watching about Jane's mastectomy and Sutton's miscarriage - so good!

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DariaMorgendorffer Sun 20-Jun-21 21:36:01

I liked it! Binged it all.

DaisyChainsForever Sun 20-Jun-21 22:41:39

I didn't think i'd like it, but i ended up watching all of it very quickly! Really hope there's another season.

DariaMorgendorffer Sun 20-Jun-21 22:44:50

The fifth season is the last, and only 6 episodes
I think! It's airing in the US now, but not sure when it'll be available in UK.


SpeakFriendAndEnter Sun 20-Jun-21 23:12:05

I binge watched too and really enjoyed it! I was sad when I'd watched all of the episodes!

paniniswapx3 Sun 20-Jun-21 23:23:45


The fifth season is the last, and only 6 episodes
I think! It's airing in the US now, but not sure when it'll be available in UK.

Oh no, that's too soon for me! Need another few seasons!

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Netaporter Mon 21-Jun-21 23:07:51

I’m watching this with my DD. Agree supportive women is great, gratuitous sex scenes not so much. Don’t get me started on the unlikely scene where a love egg gets stuck and rather than go to A&E/a nurse you get your friend to fish it out 🤢

Cheeseandlobster Mon 21-Jun-21 23:13:59

I love this too. Especially Jaclyn who is THE best boss. I do think Jane tries to make a lot of things about her though. She started to grate on me in series 4

SatsumaFan Mon 28-Jun-21 22:24:36

Oh FML I just clicked on this as have just started S2 and scrolled down to see massive spoilers! Thanks OP sad Maybe ask MNHQ to add SPOILERS to your title??

mnahmnah Mon 28-Jun-21 22:27:27

I loved it, even though I’m much older than their target audience I’m sure! It’s a great update to sex and the city.

Shmithecat2 Mon 28-Jun-21 22:31:24

I love it. I want Jaclyn's whole wardrobe. Although I'm sick of Kat's constant navel gazing, and if Sutton doesn't want Richard, I'll have him. And yes, I'm pretty sure I'm too old to be watching it.

EasterIssland Tue 29-Jun-21 23:24:31

I have binged it. And I’d be happy to have Richard as well smile

paniniswapx3 Tue 29-Jun-21 23:37:56

Agreed - I'll take Jaclyn's wardrobe and Richard as a partner and all will be well grin

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