Any Yellowstone fans here? How the heck do I get season three?

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MorrisZapp Sun 20-Jun-21 09:13:12

I've googled it inside out but I can't find an answer. Is Yellowstone season three available in the UK at all?

I watched the first two seasons on amazon prime but it isn't on there, or anywhere else.

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AnnieP1 Sun 20-Jun-21 13:54:30

I'll watch this thread with interest as I am in the same position! There is absolutely no information as to when or if season 3 will be shown in UK.
In the States they are upset as they have no information about season 4.
I have messaged Paramount but no reply. I am surprised no channel in the UK has picked up Yellowstone as it is so popular in the States.

MorrisZapp Mon 21-Jun-21 11:18:09

There isn't even anything on digital spy! That used to be the go to source for anything like this.

I always feel that westerns are the poor relation. Godless ought to have won every award under the sun and run to three seasons but no, here come mumbling detectives as always.

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MorrisZapp Mon 21-Jun-21 17:44:20

Bumping for the teatime rush

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MorrisZapp Wed 23-Jun-21 09:20:26

Anyone? 🤣

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